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Harry and Meghan docuseries stirs royal drama


Scandals and controversy have surrounded the United Kingdom (UK) and its royal family for longer than most students lifespans. Two members in particular, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, have given the tabloids more than enough to write about in recent years. The couple was married in 2018, gave birth to their first son Archie in 2019 and stepped back as senior members of the royal family in January of 2020. They announced this message on their Instagram page stating they were working to “become financially independent,” balancing their time between the UK and North America. Although Harry and Meghan pledged to continue their duties to their patronages, this news caused an


Photo via Netflix

an uproar across the world with some agreeing with their decision, and some not. Later that month, the couple said they were stepping down as working members of the royal family entirely, officially exiting the royal family in March of 2020. 

     This was incredibly brave as only a few members of the royal family have given up their royal title in history. Since then, they have done tell-all interviews with prominent figures, such as Oprah, and as of recently, released a Netflix documentary giving viewers a personal look into their lives. 

     The first three episodes of “Harry & Meghan” were released on Dec. 8, 2022 and the second half of the docuseries, episodes four through six, were released on Dec. 15. The series gives a chronological account of the couple's relationship from when they were first rumored to be in a relationship to their road of recovery following their royal exit. 

     The first couple of episodes widely dissect the beginning of Harry and Meghan’s relationship, specifically the controversy and lack of support associated with it. Aside from the interviews with the couple and friends, one aspect I thought was missing from their telling was voices dissenting their union. Harry and Meghan did a great job of defending themselves concerning their exit from the royal family. I feel like giving those that opposed their relationship a chance to tell their side of the story would have given the series more credibility. 

     I don’t mean to take away Harry and Meghan’s voice with this addition as I still find that their exposing of the royal family, specifically the discrimination Meghan felt she faced, was certainly called for. Harry and Meghan prominently focus on the scrutiny they faced within the royal family not only caused by them not finding Meghan to be a suitable match for Harry, but that this disagreement was also rooted from prejudice. Bringing up race and how Meghan was treated differently by the family spoke to Meghan’s endurance throughout the beginning of their relationship. 

     While the first half of the series focuses on the causes of their extreme decision to leave the royal family, the second half showcases the effects of said decision. This portion of the documentary seemed drastically different as the beginning of the series was centered around exploitation and their defense, episodes four through six appeared to be scripted and a reiteration of the statements they have already made to the public in the past. 

     Harry and Meghan’s message about their experience and obstacles is important for the public to note, however, I think “Harry & Meghan” was the wrong way to go about this goal. Their intentions were good, but the execution of the show seemed a little tasteless and biased as they don’t give any opposing parties the chance to debate their side as well as being widely repetitive of the interviews and public statements they have already given about the royal family. 

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