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Hardy heads for career in broadcasting

TUES| 12-20-22 | SPORTS

     Sports broadcasting has not always been the path that junior Malaysha Hardy wanted to pursue, but she has recently taken an interest in this career and wants to include it in her college journey. 

     “I want to pursue something that’s in the sports field because I thought sports was interesting when I did Football Fridays this year,” Hardy said.           “It’s been a fun experience so I thought it was something that I could possibly consider taking out in the real world.”

     Hardy is a member of the sports broadcast team in journalism this semester and plans to stay involved with it throughout college. She took journalism twice during her sophomore year and would like to continue taking classes similar to it. She wants to stay involved with sports broadcasting to acquire more knowledge of how it works in the real world.

     “I have really enjoyed taking journalism as it has really taught me how to personify a story and learn what people would really want to hear,” Hardy said. “I would say the first time I interviewed Coach Bland, that was when I realized that majoring in sports broadcasting was an interest of mine.”

Malaysha Hardy.HEIC

Photo by Ives Howard 

     Hardy loved her interview with Coach Bland, the varsity football head coach here at Rose, and that ultimately inspired her. She wanted to keep up with the football team which is why she joined the sports broadcasting team at Rose to do Football Fridays. During Football Fridays, the broadcasting team interviews an athlete on the football team and asks them questions on how they feel about the upcoming game. 

     “I do plan to try to be more involved with the sports broadcasting that we have here [at Rose] in journalism just to get a hands-on experience of what it would be like in college,” Hardy said.

     Taking a class or joining a club similar to journalism in college is certainly an interest of hers. In college, she wants to start off by interning with people who do sports broadcasting, just to see how it works and how to prepare for it. Hardy has only recently taken an interest in sports broadcasting as a career. As a child, she rarely saw a woman as a sports broadcaster for any sports, which is why she never really thought of it as a serious interest. 

     “I always thought that sports broadcasting would be something meant for a guy because growing up, the sports broadcast people have mostly been men working which gave me the impression that it was a field for only men,” Hardy said. “I don’t want to be the person writing the script because I would much rather be hands-on and actually talk and interview the players.”

     Hardy has only ever seen women behind the scenes and would love to see more diversity on the screen. She feels that breaking the stereotype, that sports broadcasting is a job for men, is crucial to opening more doors for women in the future.

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