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Hardison remains up to par on a new level

TUES.| 2-7-22 | SPORTS

     Rose alumnus Cam Hardison is continuing his golf career at Barton College. Hardison graduated from Rose last year after being a leading member of the men's golf team. Hardison appreciates all that Rose golf taught him and has carried these skills with him while competing at the collegiate level. 

     Hardison has been playing golf since he was 13. Since picking up the game, Hardison's dad has played a large role in his performance on the course. 

     "My dad was my biggest influence because he taught me the game of golf and he always helps me when I need it,” Hardison said. 

     Hardison did not always want to play golf in college. As he became a better golfer he started to become more interested in pursuing golf in college.


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     “I realized I wanted to play college golf when I was a freshman in high school,” Hardison said. 

     Participating on the Rose golf team made Hardison a better player as it allowed him to get extra practice and coaching.

     “Rose golf really made me work harder and have more fun playing golf,”  Hardison said. 

     Being a part of the golf team's success last season is something Hardison will never forget. 

     “I really enjoyed playing for Rose,” Hardison said. “My favorite part was when we won states last year and it was the first one in school history.”

     He received an offer from Barton the summer going into his senior year. Knowing some of the players on the Barton team had an influence on his decision. 

     “I knew some of the guys on the team because I played in amateur tournaments with them,” Hardison said. “One of the guys on the team, Kris Jackson, was my teammate for Rose when I was a freshman.” 

     Hardison has had to get used to playing a sport while also being a college student. As the competition has changed, he has had to learn to manage his schoolwork. 

     “[Balancing school] was challenging for the first two months because we had a tournament every other week, but I was able to get caught up by going to study hall,” Hardison said. 

     Hardison was welcomed by older Barton golf players and they helped him on and off the course. Getting to know his teammates better made it an easier adjustment.

     “I was a little stressed out about [being a freshman] for the first few weeks but once I started to get to know the guys I started to feel less stressed,” Hardison said.

Since Hardison has moved on to college, he has missed his Rose teammates and coaches the most. He believes he was well prepared for college due to his coaches from Rose.

     “I think Coach Liz [Barbee]  and Stephen [West] really helped me be more prepared by giving us motivational speeches,” Hardison said.

     After college, Hardison plans to continue his golf career at a professional level and wishes future Rose golf teams the best of luck. 

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