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Adams senior spotlight

TUES. |5-28-24| FEATURES

     As senior Hank Adams prepares to start the next chapter of life, his high school legacy will never be forgotten.

     From semester one to three of journalism, Adams has loved every second of it. Especially when he was sitting in the lab writing his articles and conversing with the sports sections. Over his time in the class, he has met new people and made friends, who became a big part of his high school experience.

     “I’ve been in journalism for three semesters,” Adams said. “I am currently a staff writer, but I was also on the broadcast team.”

     Adams had a great mentor that gave him the keys to success. At first, Adams was not a great writer, but as he got help, he became the great writer he is now. Journalism itself taught him a great work ethic and social skills that have and will continue to help him in the future.

     “Smith Vick really guided me and gave me the tools and information needed to go through the path of journalism,” Adams said. “Journalism has taught me good social skills, writing skills and a good work ethic that I will use often in the future.”

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     Fortunately for Adams, he never had a bad experience with Rampant Lines. He has always had a great time writing articles and making friends. 

      “I like this Masters article I just wrote about Tiger Woods,” Adams said. “It is a fun class even with writing articles.”

     Having journalism teacher Ashley Hutchinson as his teacher for many classes has made a great positive impact on him. She has taught him many skills needed in life to be successful in and beyond the classroom. The pressure put on Adams has made him who he is today.

     “She has taught me a great work ethic, and she is very hard on me,” Adams said. “She has been the most influential teacher to me.”

     Adams encourages everyone to at least try journalism if they want to be social and successful beyond the classroom. Rampant Lines has welcomed him, and he will do the same to any newcomer. He encourages everyone to be themselves, and they will fit in and have fun.

     “I recommend journalism, if you are looking to be social; take journalism,” Adams said. “Everybody in here is very kind and welcoming.”

     Despite leaving this familiar environment and going to college, Adams is very excited and can not wait to take on a new challenge. After college he plans on starting his own business using the skills journalism taught him. The business will be a high-class golf clothing store that has the potential to be better than every other store.

     “I want to start my own business that sells high-end golf clothes,” Adams said. “I will take the social skills journalism taught me to college and my business.”

     Adams did not join the class to be the best at writing; he joined to go outside his comfort zone and try something new. He encourages everyone to do the same. As Adams leaves Rose, he will take the new skills and friends he made through Rampant Lines along with him.

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