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Had it with the hallways: SLOW WALKERS

TUES. |4-25-23| FEATURES

     Look, I get it, school can be very draining and it is hard to find the motivation to go to class and get your work done. I sympathize with you, truly, but could you please not care about school somewhere else other than the hallway during a class change. There are only five minutes to get from one class to another, and that is seriously cut down when you walk at one step per 30 seconds. It is even worse when you are walking so incredibly slow and then decide to stop dead in your tracks and start up a conversation, taking up half of the hallway.


Photo by Gabi Castillo 

     Oh and I could never forget about the humongous groups of slow walkers, making it almost impossible to get around them. I think it is so incredibly cool that you do not have anywhere to be, but I do and so do a good amount of people at Rose, such as senior Ty’Mir Langley. “I really do hate it because I’m trying to get to where I’m going,” Langley said. “I don't have time for everybody to be stopping me and all of that.” How about we all do each other a favor and put some pep in our steps and have these, apparently dire, conversations as we are walking.

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