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Guidry drives Rose to first state championship

TUES. | 05-31-22 | SPORTS

     When thinking of the top players on a high school sports team, most minds immediately go to upperclassmen. In the case of the Rose golf team, the two (and sometimes one) seed Will Guidry is a sophomore who has greatly contributed to the Rampants’ undefeated season and “State Champion” title. 

     Getting to this point came from a lifelong career of playing golf for the Tarheel Youth Golf Association (TYGA), the Tennessee Golf Foundation (TGF) and the Carolina Golf


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Association (CGA), which got his talent to where it is today. 

     “I have been playing tournaments since I was five, so about 11 years, and I have been playing golf pretty much my whole life,” Guidry said.

     To improve his game, Guidry plays in multiple golf associations that host tournaments for guys around his age. Not only has playing in these tournaments for about a decade increased Guidry’s skill level, but it has also taught him lessons that he can apply to being a member of the Rose golf team.

     “It helps me not be nervous during tournaments,” Guidry said. “I don’t really have nerves; I just calm down, play and focus.”

     Getting to watch those who are less familiar with playing golf has shown Guidry how he, as a player very familiar with the game, can influence them. 

     “The more you play, the less nervous you are going to be,” Guidry said. “You see these younger players who are really nervous for a golf tournament, but they join up in a group with an older guy who is more relaxed and they learn how to relax and focus.”

     Being an underclassman and having the opportunity to play with more experienced players has benefitted Guidry personally. 

     “[Older players] usually have more experience and most of the time know more about the game than me, so I try to let them teach me as much as I can,” Guidry said.

     In addition to improving his game, Guidry seeks advice from these older players on getting to play golf at the collegiate level.

     “[Playing with guys who are committed to college] is really helpful for my game because they have the experience of what I am about to go through with recruiting,” Guidry said. “To talk to them about that and get help with it is really helpful.” 

     Although playing at the one or two seed as a sophomore proves to be a big accomplishment, it is not always the easiest. 

     “[The biggest challenge I face is] trying to play for my team even though I am also trying to play for myself,” Guidry said. “I have to balance those two together.”

     Playing golf has always been a big part of Guidry’s life, and influences from those he respects is what got him started and also inspires him to keep going.

     "[My grandpa] got me into it and got me playing, so that’s the reason that I still play," Guidry said. "Without him, I would have never started playing.”

     Only being a sophomore, Guidry has two more seasons ahead to fulfill his goal of winning as many state championships as possible before hopefully heading off to play in college. He is already in the right direction as Rose was just named 3A State Champions. 

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