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Guests’ can be disastrous for dances

SAT.| 1-7-23 | OPINION

     Contrary to other schools around the country, Rose has always accepted outside guests at their annual dances, including prom, formals and the Sadie Hawkins dance. We believe the idea came from wanting to be more inclusive of students that attended different schools, but these positive intentions do not always result in an efficient dance planning process. 

     The work that goes into planning school dances is always a lot, but when you add allowing students to come from other schools it becomes even more work. For example, those in charge of the dance have to create a form for outside guests to fill out, which includes a signature from the guest’s principal. They then have to collect these forms and approve guests. These forms are approved by double checking their birthday and if they have a criminal record. 

     This is also a lot of work for Rose students who wish to bring outside guests especially if their date lives out of town 

Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 3.17.24 PM.png

Graphic by Anthien Nguyen

and they have a week to get their principal’s signature and return the form. Principals rarely have free time to evaluate and approve every student that wants to attend a dance at a different school. Scanning and faxing forms back and forth from schools also comes with its own struggles as it is hard to keep up with which form belongs to who. There is absolutely no way a school can expect students to physically transport the form to said guests school, so a different solution must occur. Why not get rid of this stress for everyone by eliminating outside dates as a whole? 

     Getting rid of outside guests would help both the students and faculty of all schools and would ensure safety overall. A huge issue concerning the form is that an outside guest could forge their principal's signature. While the background check would still occur, we can’t always directly contact every administrator in regards to allowing their student to attend Rose’s dance.

     We think that students should be prohibited from bringing dates from outside of the school for both the sadies’ and fall/winter formals, but not prom. All students are welcome to attend the two former dances and that allows for the entire student body to come together. This would create a great Rampant atmosphere. Prom, however, is only open to juniors and seniors and is a much bigger deal in the eyes of many students, so if students have a boyfriend or girlfriend from another school, they would be welcome to bring them as a guest.

     The overall goal here would be to minimize the amount of hassle for both the Student Government Association as well as for the student body as a whole. This would be the easiest way to satisfy everyone around Rose.

     While we do take pride in our school events like our dances and realize that they are very admirable by other students, we think it would be easier all around if we held these dances solely for Rose students. This would allow us to have a great time with our school friends and make some great Rose memories.

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