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September 27th, 2019

Greenville gains popularity

SAT. | 02-20-21 | NEWS

SAT. | 10-10-20 | NEWS

     On Thursday, Dec. 3, it was announced on the moving industry website The Updater, an authorized blog, that Greenville, NC is the number one of the top twenty cities for relocation in the nation. Greenville was also announced as number one in the top ten cities for the highest growth of residents amidst COVID-19. Greenville has become well known for its health care at Vidant Medical Center, educational opportunities at East Carolina University and Pitt Community College as well as the growth of local businesses.

     “The quality of life and cost of living are definitely big attractions for people, and with COVID-19 you’re seeing a lot of people moving from larger cities to smaller towns that still offer cultural amenities such as the university and Vidant,” the Director of Communications and Marketing for Visit Greenville NC Sierra Jones said. 

     The economic and communal opportunities like social gatherings in Uptown Greenville and an increase in local businesses has provided an increase in growth within the city and has contributed to the attraction to new residents.

     “A word I like to use to describe Greenville is that the city is an artisanal movement,” real estate broker/owner of RE/MAX Rob Hall said. “Uptown Greenville organization has done a great job to make residents feel that they are a part of a community and not just a number in a big city.”

     Organizations such as Greenville Pitt County Chamber of Commerce, Uptown Greenville, Greenville ENC Alliance, Vidant Medical Center and East Carolina University have all worked together in order to create such growth. Greenville has recently reached its highest population in 2021 of 94,822 people and is growing at a rate of 0.76% annually according the the World Population Review.

     “I see Greenville as a community that is getting ready to explode,” Mayor of the City of Greenville PJ Connelly said. “I’ve made the comment before that Greenville is like a rocket ship getting ready to take off; it’s very important to understand Greenville is about to change in the next few years, but we can handle that growth.”

     Greenville has become known as an economically smart location to live in. The U.S. national average of cost of living is based on a scale of 100. Greenville’s cost of living is relatively lower   than the national average and larger cities in NC. Greenville’s cost of living is 83.2 while Charlotte's cost of living is 98.9. This allows for residents to have many more opportunities at a lower cost, like with housing, for example, the median home cost for Greenville is $125,900 and Raleigh is much higher at a median home cost of $273,900.

UPDATED Gville graphic.jpg

Graphic by Annie Sullivan

     “[Greenville] is a community that is just about 100,000 people and I think people are very excited to reside in a city that’s not too small yet not too large, but also still maintains a friendly atmosphere,” Connelly said. 

     The increase in new residents is allowing Greenville organizations to plan many projects for the future. New projects are underway to increase attraction to the city and also accommodate for the rising population. 

     “All of the projects that are still underway in Pitt County like the new Ficklen Hotel and Food Hall [are] going to be amazing,” Jones said. “The Millenium Campus at ECU will be a game-changer, there is increased public art being brought in, and there is the new Wildwood Park in Town Commons.” 

     The many projects that the people of Greenville are working on are allowing for many business opportunities for community members. The new features of Greenville are said to be attracting more people to reside in Greenville and help allow the city to maintain the title as the number one city for relocation.

     “Greenville is an amazing place to live,” Connelly said. “I’ve traveled throughout the entire country and I always knew I would come back to Greenville, the people are incredible and there are so many opportunities.”

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