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Green catches success in senior season

SAT. | 02-19-22 | SPORTS

     Many athletes strive to be the fastest on the field or the strongest in the gym, but senior Montez Green, who captains the football and basketball team, strives to be both.

     Green is the point guard for the basketball team and the wide receiver for the football team. He has been playing both sports for a while now and works very hard at them. Green spends his off-season training for football and basketball. 

     “I have played basketball since I was four and football since I was seven,” Green said. “I go through a series of workouts during the summer like lifting and shooting in the gym.”

     Green finds himself to enjoy playing basketball more because of how long he has been playing it. Green

Montez football (2).png

Photo by Jake Bradsher

recognizes how far the basketball team has come since he was a freshman and will always remember that journey. 

     “I [would] say for basketball [it was] a long journey, because in 9th grade we were 3-23, and now we are [in the] top of the conference,” Green said. 

     Green is also known for his performance in this last football season, his second season playing. He averages 15 receiving yards per game, which is worth notice for a high school wide receiver. 

     This past season, the Rose football team made it to the State Championship that was played at the Kenan Memorial Stadium at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Green believes this is his biggest accomplishment in his high school athletic career. Along with a State Championship run, Green helped bring Rose to 2nd place in the conference with his 1,000 yard receiving season.

     Training for football and basketball differs, which makes Green a more versatile player. Transitioning from football to basketball is a challenge to Green, but it also makes him a better athlete. 

     “For football it is more weight lifting, and for basketball it's more running outside and conditioning,” Green said. 

     Although Green enjoys both sports, he prefers one over the other. 

     “Everybody says I am better at football, but I like basketball a little bit better,” Green said.

     Being a multi-sport athlete has benefited Green by making him more of a leader and keeping him on top of his grades. As a freshman he struggled to maintain his grades, but ever since then he has stayed on top of it. 

     “Staying on top of grades for me was difficult freshman year, but now it's easy because I have been doing it [for a while],” Green said. “[I] work hard in school because in 9th grade I had three 78s and those were the last C’s I have ever had.”

     Green’s mom has inspired him most in life to work hard. Watching her go back to school and become a nurse has influenced Green to work hard in school and sports.

     Green hopes to bring his athletic talent along with him to college. He said that his love for both sports has made it difficult for him to choose which one will be his focus going forward, but the offers he receives may make the decision easier for him. 

     Ever since Green was little, he dreamed of playing football in college. Green recently received an offer from Bridgewater College, located in Bridgewater, Virginia, to play football and is hoping to pick up more. 

     “It's been a dream since I was younger, so I keep chasing it,” Green said.

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