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Gorillaz climb to their 20th anniversary


     2021 is the 20th anniversary of the band Gorillaz. With their first album, titled Gorillaz, releasing in 2001, this band has been around longer than most popular bands and artists of today.

     Gorillaz is a band that was created by Damon Albarn and illustrator/animator Jamie Hewlett. Albarn is incredibly talented, being the songwriter, singer and instrumentalist for the band. Before creating Gorillaz, Albarn was the lead singer of the Britpop band Blur, which first started his fame. He creates the illusion of these four characters in the band when in reality it is just

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him and his talent. Hewlett is the one that turns Gorillaz from music to a whole elaborate story with characters and personalities.

     I love Gorillaz music and have been listening to them for a couple months now. They are one of the most unique bands I have ever listened to for multiple reasons. They have a very interesting sound with an ever-changing genre. There really is no specific genre to their music, with each album being different from the others. If I had to fit them into a genre it would be rock, but they have so many different types of sounds and songs that separate them from other bands in that genre. Another interesting aspect of Gorillaz that I absolutely love is their music videos. Instead of having normal, live-action music videos like other bands, Gorillaz makes fully animated videos to their songs and the animations have creative characters and an entire developed storyline behind them that the animator and song creators have spent hours creating. They have even made extra videos that give fun stories and backgrounds of the characters.

     Gorillaz music videos are truly mesmerizing to watch, and I recommend them to anyone who is a fan of the band. With strange, dream-like visuals paired with the often melancholy and unique music, these videos are like no other. They also do more than just the songs. If you search the Gorillaz on YouTube, you will find not only music videos but other short animations that build the world of the Gorillaz characters, showing just how much thought and work has gone into this band. There are four animated characters that make up the fictional band. Their names are lead singer 2-D, bassist Murdoc, guitarist and backup vocalist Noodle and drummer Russel. Over the years there have been origin stories and even more characters developed as well. It is baffling to think that all of this was essentially made by two men, one doing the music and one doing the illustrations.

     The way Gorillaz does their live concerts is so cool. Since everyone knows this band from the fictional animated characters, it is difficult to imagine how they would do live performances. Albarn found a very smart solution to this problem by being on stage performing the songs while there are giant holograms of the animated band behind him. This provides the live sound of the band while still giving the illusion of the characters everyone knows and loves.

     Gorillaz has done a lot this year to celebrate their 20th anniversary. First of all, they dropped a new EP titled Meanwhile on Aug. 26, 2021. They have done even more this year so far, releasing a new merch line titled G-foot with very special, high quality clothes that aren't usually seen in merchandise. This new line of clothing was a hit, with most of the clothes selling out within the first week. They have also released more normal merch lines along with G-foot. I personally bought a white crewneck sweatshirt from the Kong Studios line of their new merch and I can say it is very comfortable and high-quality.

     Gorillaz is one of the most unique bands I have ever seen and they have had quite an impact on music around the world. I highly recommend anyone to check out some of their songs and I look forward to seeing what they do with the rest of this 20th year.

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