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Girl managers shine in an often overlooked role

MON.| 10-17-22 | SPORTS

     Deep inside the well-oiled machine of a successful high school football program are many roles that often get overlooked by the public. One of these many roles are the student managers. Both the Rose junior varsity (JV) and varsity football team’s managers for the past couple of years have all been girls. This season the managers for both JV and varsity are Jacqueline Winston, Camya Whitfield and Sopu Okwosha. 

     These girls are not only involved with football, but each of them also plays a sport at Rose. Whitfield and Winston are a part of the basketball team and all three girls run track. 

     Not only are the girls student-athletes and managers, but each of them are involved in 


Photo by Lorian McGillicuddy

the community as well, both inside and outside of Rose. Whitfield is on the mock trial team and is an actress in the school plays, while Okwosha is a member of Future Business Leaders of America and Winston also volunteers at the ECU games working in the concession stands.  

     They all share the same coach, Coach T, who recommended them for this position based on their hard work and dedication she saw at practices.

     The managers are there at practice to help the coaches as well as the players. They do the small things to help the coaches and players to stay on track and focused. 

     “For JV games I have to film, then fill up the water, and at varsity games, I set up everything and give them water,” Okwosha said. 

     Where this is the first couple of years that Rose has had girl managers, each year they continue to do this and impact on the whole Rose community. 

     As the girls are on the sidelines during games, they have learned a lot about what to do if one of the players gets hurt or one of the players is overheating and on the verge of a heat stroke. They have worked alongside the athletic trainers seeing all the medical supplies they keep on hand and what medicines and other tools can be used for. 

     While working so closely with the team, all three girls have made personal connections with the players. Not only are the girls supporting the guys by bringing them water at games and practices or assisting them when they are injured, but the boys are there for the girls and are grateful for them. 

     “It just lets us know that we can be a part of something like it is a male sport but females could also be a part and contribute to things,” Okwosha said. 

     Football is only offered to males because of the intensity of the sport, but that doesn’t mean girls can’t find ways to enjoy and be a part of it too. These girls have a love for football and have stepped up to help our team this season. 

     “I encourage them to do better,” Winston said. 

     Not only are the girls there to help them with small tasks but they are also another form of support for the players. 

     “For jobs like managers, girls just do it better because we are more focused and organized,” Okwosha said. 

      Not only do the girls put in the effort to help the team, but they believe that they are a good asset to the team and that this role should continue to be held by girls at Rose in the future. 

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