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Gene Briggs interns with Pirate Student Video 

TUES. | 05-11-21 | SPORTS

     Being born and raised in Greenville, Gene Briggs has grown up a fan of East Carolina University (ECU) athletics. Now that he has graduated from Rose in 2018, and chosen to continue his education at ECU, he has taken an even deeper investment in the athletic programs. During his freshman and sophomore years, he worked for the ECU Athletics Pirate Student Video and in his junior year, he is now working as an ECU Recruiting Intern. Both of these opportunities have allowed Briggs to see ECU Athletics in a completely different light. 

     “Right from the start in my time at ECU, I took loads of classes related to sports studies and it led me straight into the opportunities that have been presented to me so far in my time with ECU athletics,” Briggs said.

     While he thoroughly enjoys being the average fan at an


Photo contributed by Gene Briggs

ECU sporting event, he has really enjoyed the changes that have come with his new football game day experience. 

     “On a game day when I was working for Pirate Student Video, we would be up in the press box videoing every single play for every game of the season, and we had the ability to be on the field interacting with the players which was awesome,” Briggs said.

     During the team’s practice week, Brigg’s role of the internship for Pirate Video would be a lot more involved and he was often told specifically what to film by various coaches whether it be specific areas of a play, players, etc. so that the players could break down and study the practice film afterwards. 

     Briggs has embraced the change of transitioning from video to recruiting in the 2021 off-season after being presented with the option of transferring positions.

     “Now, on a normal day of work for recruiting, I am in a group of students in charge of recruiting high school players, trying to get them to come here,” Briggs said. “We Facetime them giving them virtual tours,” Briggs explained.

     With the 2021-2022 ECU football season quickly approaching, Briggs is excited for what is to come with the new game day experience following his recent job change. While you may not directly see workers like him in action, best believe he is one of the many key pieces in making a system as complex as a college football program run smoothly and maintain its competitive reputation on the field. After Briggs graduates from ECU, he aspires to further his current path and be a Director of Recruiting for a college football program.

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