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Freshman phenoms set volleyball future

WED| 10-18-23 | SPORTS

Sports Co-Editor Smith Vick
Freshman Volleyball_edited.jpg

The Rose Volleyball team has added two new faces to this year’s team. Freshman middle hitter Kate Wallen and Freshman setter Caroline Bayes have both been important players on this year’s volleyball team.

     Both Bayes and Wallen have been playing volleyball for five or more years. They both play travel volleyball for East Carolina Junior Volleyball Club, giving them plenty of experience and allowing them to continue to improve in the sport. 

     Being the two youngest on the team, many people may think they struggle to build connections and trust with their fellow teammates and coaches.

     “It’s been good, there’s a good connection and [the team] can definitely trust each other,” Bayes said.

     Having to compete against upperclassmen in practice can make younger players feel as if they have to work harder to gain playing time. If a freshman and a senior are similar in skill level, a coach might lean towards playing that senior more than the Freshman.

     Being the youngest on the team, other older players as well as coaches can mentor and give advice to the underclassmen to help them gain experience and get comfortable playing.  


Photo by Ella Sparrow
Freshman Bayes sets to the middle hitter, Freshman Wallen. The
Rampants defeated West Carteret 3-0.

     “All five of the seniors, they will talk about their experiences and what you need to focus on

to get better during the games,” Wallen said. “During practice [the coaches] get you to push yourself, to be a better person, teammate and to just work hard.” 

     During practice, they try to get better and learn from the other players to see how their game can make you a better player. Watching other teammates play and their tendencies can help

them improve. 

     “I’m used to setting [Wallen] and being able to play with her, [senior hitter] Shea Jenkins is more advanced, so I have to adapt to her,” Bayes said. “She is at a faster pace so my sets have to change.”

     The seniors on the volleyball team have proven to be great role models and influences on the

younger players. Helping them gain more confidence and sharing their personal experiences to help the younger players get a better understanding of the game.

      “[The seniors] are great, they definitely teach me a lot, for big games they share experience and talk to us before games about the mentality you have to have for that, and that’s helped me prepare myself...they are always going to be there for you,” Wallen said. 

      With two great young players like Wallen and Bayes along with several other sophomores, the Rose volleyball team hopes to continue their success for the next several years.

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