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Fraley selected for All-State soccer title

MON| 12-12-22 | SPORTS

     The Rose soccer program put themselves on the map this season after beating Conley, making it to the third round of the state playoffs, having multiple all-region players, and having the first Rose player in four years, senior Keller Fraley, make the All-State team.

     “If anyone deserves it, it should be Keller,” sophomore and fellow teammate Chris Bazelow said.

     Fraley has stood out this season not just because of his platinum hair but also because of his skill on the field and his dedication to his team. 

     “He was aggressive but smart at the same time,” Bazelow said. 


Photo by Riley Harris 

      Fraley has been playing soccer since he was three or four years old and played on the varsity level all four of his years at Rose.

     “Being a captain these past two years, I’ll always cherish that,” Fraley said.

     Fraley always tried to be the hardest worker out there and show his fellow teammates what team captain means on and off the field. 

     “As team captain, he always puts school first and would always lead by example,” Bazelow said. 

     Bazelow has been playing soccer with Fraley for the past two years and has watched him lead the team. 

     “He’s taught me how to step up as a line together with all our defenders and how to communicate better,” Bazelow said. 

      This season has been memorable not only for Fraley but the whole team as there have been accomplishments that would not have been possible without the whole team working together. 

     “I’ll always remember that we were the first team to get to the third round and that was my senior year,” Fraley said. 

      Fraley, at first, did not completely understand what he had done to receive this honor but was soon enlightened by his fellow teammates and coaches that he was very deserving of this. 

     “[My coach] told me “it’s more than just your playing style, you work hard constantly and other coaches notice that as well,” Fraley said

Fraley was shocked when this was announced because he believes there are so many other deserving players on the team.

      “It was a very big honor,” Fraley said, “I was very surprised.” 

     The players awarded the All-State title are invited to attend a ceremony on December 18th in Greensboro with their families and coach. At this ceremony, they will be recognized for their achievements and will receive a plaque. 

     “Being named All-State this year will have impacts in the next few years,” Fraley said, “I know there are kids on this team who are way more talented than me that can achieve ten times more than what I did this year.” 

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