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Former features editor reflects on valuable experiences in journalism

SUN. | 11-28-21 | FEATURES

     Seven years ago, Macie Wright was sitting in the journalism classroom, working on the next issue of the paper, just as writers are today. 

     Wright joined journalism as a staff writer her junior year and became a features editor her senior year. Her responsibilities were similar to the things done in journalism today.

     “As a section editor, I was responsible for designing the center spread, along with editing the other writers’ pieces and brainstorming ideas for everyone’s stories,” Wright said. 

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     Although being an editor was great, there were some setbacks. 

     “The hardest part was to narrow down the story ideas, because we had so many we had to decide which ones to go with and focus on,” Wright said. 

     She took many of her skills gained in journalism to use them later on in her life. 

     “Being an editor was a really great leadership experience and being able to work together as a team,” Wright said. “It’s really great to work with others, especially going into college because I ended up having a lot of group projects in my courses later on in school.”

     As well as being an editor, Wright took on the task of rebuilding the website for Rampant Lines. 

     “In my last semester of senior year, I rebuilt the Rampant Lines website,” Wright said. “My job was uploading everyone’s articles to the new website I had reconstructed.”

     She went on to utilize the skills she learned from rebuilding the Rampant Lines website by designing a website for her mother’s store, It’s So Wright. 

     “Using my experience from journalism and college, I built our website from scratch and it has become a huge part of our business,” Wright said. “We ship all across the country now.”

     Wright loved journalism, especially the social aspect. 

     “My favorite thing about journalism was being able to do it with my friends while doing something that we really enjoyed,” Wright said. “We loved Hutch, so it was a fun atmosphere, getting to learn, write and be together.”

     The journalism classroom is connected to a lab, where editors still work today.

     “We would hang out in the lab all the time,” Wright said. “We would spend a lot of time working on journalism, but it was like a haven to get a lot of other work done as well.”

     She still remembers many fond memories from the class, particularly her last day in the class. 

     “One of my favorite memories from journalism was the last day of senior year when Hutch got all the seniors their favorite milkshakes from Cookout,” Wright said. “She went around and said how proud she was of us, gave us single recognition about our time in high school, and it was really special.” 

     Wright graduated from Rose in 2015 and ended up going to NC State to get a business administration degree with a concentration in marketing. She always loved writing and wanted to continue after journalism. 

     “When I got to college, I enjoyed writing so much that I took six or seven creative writing classes,” Wright said. “I ended up one class short of having a minor in writing.”

     After college, Wright moved back to her hometown to help her mother with her business. 

     “I manage my mother’s store, It's So Wright, here in Greenville,” Wright said.

     Wright often thinks back on her time in journalism, sometimes with longtime friends she made in the class. 

     “Looking back, it was a special class to be a part of and some sweet memories were made there,” Wright said. “I wish I had gotten into journalism earlier, because I enjoyed it so much.”

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