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Forbes Hall, Staff Writer

Forbes Hall.png

Forbes Hall is currently a Junior at Rose and she has been taking journalism since freshman year! She's been writing for entertainment and opinion since she first began writing for Rampant Lines, but she's always up for a challenge, so this year she will try writing for sports! Most of her time is consumed by beach volleyball as recently she verbally committed to play at LSU! She started journalism because she was interviewed for an athlete spotlight and she read the newspaper when it came out to see herself. She found herself reading almost the entire newspaper because she thought the stories were so cool, so she immediately asked someone about the class and signed up for it and now she loves it! She has found that being a student journalist is fun because you get to see all of the things happening in the school environment and sometimes things that are impacting the world right now. She loves the opportunity to get to research more about these types of topics. Her goal for this class is to improve her writing and she has already come so far from being in the class for one semester. She also hopes to capture the events that change lives everyday and write about them to share with other students.

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