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Football video game bowls into popularity at Rose

FRI. | 11-26-21 | SPORTS

Retro Bowl, a game that can be played on either phone or computer, began taking over Rose in late October. In this one-player, football-based game, you control your team on and off the field. 

     Retro Bowl is an interactive football game where you pick your own players to play on the team you create. Using these players, you play against other National 

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Football League (NFL) teams in hopes to win. As you play longer, you are given chances to upgrade your players and even buy better players with coins you earn from winning games. As you continue to play and upgrade your team, you become more likely to win games.

     New Star Games released Retro Bowl in Jan. 2020, but the game did not grow in popularity until 2021. Retro Bowl is accessible for all ages with its simple controls and different types of difficulty levels. This allows for the game to remain entertaining while your skill increases.

     “If you want it more relaxed you can play on easy, but if you want a challenge, you can play on hard difficulty,” sophomore Rhettec Galaska said.

     The game was introduced to Rose by Galaska who saw a TikTok video explaining the game. He then introduced this game to his friends leading to its popularity among other Rose students.

     The main goal of Retro Bowl is not only to build the best team possible by signing and trading for five star players, but to work your way to become retro bowl champions. The retro bowl championship is the final game of the season where you play four quarters to try and become the champion.

     Galaska, a long-time player of this game, has won the championship multiple times and has been building his team up day by day. With the game having so many different parts to play, it can become very addictive, and with it spreading across the school so rapidly, students might be tempted to play during class. As a player, Galaska is tempted to play this fun but addictive game during class but he tries to wait until free time to do so.

     New Star Games made this game with multiple different objectives besides just winning a game, which keeps  players interested and wanting to play more. Their company introduced a more advanced game, which is why it has become so popular in such a short amount of time.

     “This game is so popular because it's free, it’s addictive and it's the only fun football game out right now.” senior Hoyt Fuqua said.

     Retro Bowl is expected to stay around Rose and in the students’ hands for a while. As the game is making updates and the students are still playing on a regular basis, Retro Bowl could be the next big game of the future.

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