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Flashback to 2022; 2023 new year new you

THURS.| 1-12-23 | OPINION

     As 2023 begins and the school semester comes to an end, it leaves everyone to reflect upon the ups and downs 2022 had to offer. With this being my third year at Rose, I have a lot to say about how school and life have changed in this past year. 

     2022 has brought a return to normalcy in school since COVID-19 started. The academic gap from eighth grade to sophomore year of online learning and wearing masks in school felt so far from normal. Now that I am able to roam the halls free from a mask and not behind a computer screen, for the first time in two years, it feels liberating and provides a sense of normalcy. 

     Academics themselves have gotten harder this past year. Going into junior year, known to be the hardest year of high school, is very difficult compared to freshman year. Taking challenging classes face-to-face in my junior year is a huge jump from previously completing online assignments. There is still so much to 

Screen Shot 2023-01-12 at 1.43.12 PM.png

Graphic by Anthien Nguyen

 catch up on academically now that we are here on campus for good. I feel as if work needs to be excellent and thorough enough to meet the expectations of my teachers when learning in person vs online behind a screen. I definitely work harder now that school is fully in-person in order to uphold a great academic reputation. 

     2022 has also brought more of a social aspect in and out of Rose. We had our first dance this past year and we will be holding yet another in the next few months which I think is a great way to get involved with Rose in a social aspect. Clubs have been able to come together for larger social events and service projects, especially throughout the holiday season as there has been an abundance of project elf parties. This brings more opportunities for people to make new friends and build relationships here at Rose. 

     Building true relationships has become a priority for myself and my mental health as a whole. Mental health has become very important to me and comes first when trying to balance out my social life and school work. I will say that I have made some pretty great friendships here at Rose. I will continue to build off of these friendships throughout the years, as they have made this place extra special during the school year. 

     Being a student-athlete is definitely one of my favorite parts of Rose. This past year I have grown more and more fond of watching and playing sports. I have been playing on this lacrosse team since my freshman year, however, this past year has brought me special friendships that I will never forget. 

     One of the biggest takeaways from this year is my love for journalism. I have enjoyed working with all of my peers in Rampant Lines no matter what section if it’s features, opinion or entertainment writing. The more I think about what career I want in the future, my love for journalism emerges. I definitely am thinking about majoring in journalism when applying for college, which is now right around the corner. 

     I have high hopes for 2023 and what it has to offer for me and others. I wish the best of academic success to all Rose students. Let's see what 2023 has to deliver this year. 

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