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Fields owns Vikings on their Senior Night

THURS.| 11-10-22 | SPORTS

     A rivalry game to say the least, in the final fall matchup between Rose and D.H. Conley, the two schools’ soccer teams faced off on Conley's senior night. Rose rolled into Hollywood Crossroads and locked up the Vikings.

     “We own Conley; that game will haunt them for the rest of their lives,” Rose senior varsity midfielder Drew Fields said. 

     On Oct. 25, the Rampants men's soccer team defeated the Vikings for the first time in the last three years, making the win so much sweeter for the Rose squad.

     “The feeling of beating Conley was indescribable,” Fields said.

     Fields has been playing soccer since he was three and has played for Rose since freshman year.

     “I've been playing since I could walk,” Fields said. “I play soccer for Rose but also had a career in club soccer.”


Photo by Riley Harris  

     Though Fields has stopped playing travel, he hopes to continue playing in future.

     “I stopped playing travel because it interfered with my social life, but I might start back playing this year,” Fields said.

     In the first game against Conley, Rose was dominated by one player on their home field. Conley senior Ryan Davis scored six goals, and the final score was 6-2.

     For their second matchup of the season the Rampants pulled out all the stops to keep Davis from creating opportunities.

     “I man marked him the whole game which made him absolutely shiver in his cleats,” Fields said.

     The plan coming in was different than before with a new strategy for stopping an explosive Conley offense. 

     Coming into Viking territory on their senior night created a big challenge to overcome for the Rampants, and tensions were at an all time high. The Rampants knew this would be a challenge after the last game.

     “We knew going in they were good after losing 6-2 at home,” Fields said.

     The Rampants had great expectations for the rest of the season going into the game, and those expectations only increased after.

     “We thought coming in we had a shot at playoffs and hopefully a run at states, but now we're on a hot streak, and I don't really see anybody beating us,” Fields said.

     With a strong senior core, the team is looking to continue their success and bring home a ring.

     “We have four starting seniors who all are bought in and want to win, I see us going all the way,” Fields said.

     This passion to win was seen early in the Conley game when Fields was marking Davis, and they received yellow cards.

     “At the beginning of the game we both got yellow cards because we were chirping and shoving each other, but after that I locked him down the rest of the game even though he got one by us,” Fields said.

     After a goal from senior Peyton Williams-Finn, the game was tied with five minutes to go. Fields scored the game winning goal off a volley that was set up by a header from senior Will D’Alonzo.

     “It was electric beating them at their home on their senior night,” Fields said.

     The win fueled the Rampants to come together as a team and realize they are all playing for the same final destination, the state championship.

     “I felt starstruck when I made the goal, especially since it was against Conley,” Fields said.

     This game brought the team together and has fueled them to come together as a team, making a strong push in the playoffs with hopes of getting rings.

     “We're playing great as a team right now and we can play with anyone when we're playing how we should,” Fields said.

     The Rampants advanced to the third round of the playoffs where their title run was cut off by Croatan High School in a 2-1 defeat. The squad can still walk out holding their heads high as they were the first Rose men’s soccer team to make it to the third round of the playoffs in program history.

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