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September 27th, 2019

Field trip prepares students

MON. | 04-25-22 | NEWS

     Rose’s Culinary Arts and Hospitality II students recently took a trip to the Hilton Hotel on Wednesday, Mar. 30 to learn more about the culinary workforce and participate in a hands-on competition. 

     The students started their trip off with greetings from the Hilton’s management and kitchen staff like the sous chef, shift manager and pastry chef. Students were shown the flow of the kitchen, how the staff worked together as a team, and how they manage large orders during events and banquets. The staff also provided demonstrations on proper hand-washing and storage techniques.

     "The kitchen tour was awesome," senior Timana Moore said. “The chef that led us was really cool so it was a good experience.” 

     After the tour, the culinary students were moved to one of the event rooms where they sat in front of the staff and were able to ask various questions. Students asked about salaries, education requirements and basic job skills. After getting the chance to become familiar with the staff, students were given the opportunity to participate in a "Chopped”-like competition where they were given specific ingredients to create and garnish dishes against one another.

     “I was feeling nervous but I'm really confident when it comes to cooking, so I just convinced my team that we would win,” Moore said.

Culinary Field Trip.jpg

Photo by Amiyah Taft

     Students were separated into groups of seven and created group names such as Team Ty and Team Pushing P. The teams were then moved into a bigger event room where there were four tables topped with bowls of ingredients and a portable gas stovetop. Staff members introduced the various ingredients students had to use and also taught them how to light the stove.

     After the culinary students were introduced to their ingredients, they were given their instructions for the competition. Each team had to create a pasta dish and a salad, and garnish three different desserts. Once instructions were given, each team was given 10 minutes to create their pasta dish which had to contain a protein, noodle and vegetable. After this, teams had five additional minutes to create a side salad and garnish the desserts. 

     Once the timers were up and the dishes were completed, the students moved back into the event room and were seated in front of four judges that consisted of the sous chef, head chef, general manager and shift manager. The pasta and salad dishes were judged based on creativity and taste, while the desserts were judged solely on presentation. After the judges tasted the various dishes, they moved into the kitchen to deliberate the winner.

     Coming to a final decision, the judges picked Team Pushing P for their creativity and overall taste on their parma rosa pasta. Even though there was only one winner, the judges expressed how each team had impressive teamwork and skills in culinary arts. Moore also expressed how  Rose culinary teacher Carrie Overbys’ Culinary II class prepared her and her peers good etiquette, kitchen safety and other culinary skills and techniques that helped them interact with the staff and create the dishes.

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