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September 27th, 2019

FBLA travels to Milwaukee

WED. | 11-17-21 | NEWS

     Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is having their National Fall Leadership Conference (NFLC) from Nov. 18-20. This year, the Conference is only open to FBLA officers.

     “The conference is about being able to run a chapter,” said Rose FBLA chapter advisor Kurt Garner.  “It'll be two full days and we’ll be able to learn how to network with people across the world.”

     Sessions are time for the students to learn new skills about being chapter leaders and advisors and learn the leadership skills FBLA offers. 

     “They'll have sessions where they can go to learn a new skill," Garner said.

     Some skills covered at the conference include public speaking, learning to be a leader and industry where they learn about different areas of discipline. 

     One big fear Rose’s chapter had was not being able to go because of COVID-19. The original plan was to go to Orlando, Florida, which would have been the first weekend of November. Because of FBLA not having enough registered chapters for the conference and COVID-19, they switched to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This will be the first conference held since 2019.  

     Normally the Rose FBLA chapter would have

FBLA Meeting.jpg

Photo contributed by Kurt Garner

three locations to choose from. One conference is always held in the south, another in the North, and the last being in the Midwest. But this year the FBLA national office only gave them two options due to COVID-19 restrictions and regulations. 

     "So we have to sign a paper of three pages [for COVID],'' Garner said. ''It's really extensive.”

     The chapter members would also normally have free choice over their sessions during the conference, but because of COVID-19 once again, they're keeping them in cohorts. This means that everyone will stay with the same people throughout. The conference is paid for by the members of FBLA, the chapter covers some of the expenses but it is up to you to pay for airfare and a hotel. 

     “You'll have chapters from across the world; there will be a track for middle school and a track for high school,” Garner said.

     Because of the limits on participants at the conference, FBLA could not open sign-ups to all Rose FBLA chapter members like they normally would. The people that are attending from Rose are Brena Gauland, Kinsley Tate White, Willam Becker, Alex Cooper and Drew Sears.

     The FBLA National Fall Leadership Conference is a great way to meet others and others in charge of the FBLA program itself. To see what it is really about and get to know everyone a little bit better. FBLA does a lot of events as well like competitions, fundraisers and volunteering projects. FBLA is offered at most schools and can be found around the world.

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