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FBLA advances mentorship at Third Street Academy

THURS. | 02-04-21 | NEWS

     The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) chapter at Rose started a mentorship program with Third Street Academy, an all-boys nonprofit elementary school in downtown Greenville. They held their first workshop on Thursday, Dec. 14. The mentorship was created by FBLA Vice President of Competitive Events Noelle de Vente as a chapter program for FBLA National Event known as Partnership with a Business.

     “Partnership with a Business is an event where a FBLA student and their chapter are supposed to collaborate with a local business,” de Vente said. “I thought that some sort of partnership with the Third Street Academy would not only benefit the [Third Street] students, but also provide our FBLA members the opportunity to utilize their leadership and communication skills.”

     To get this mentorship started with the school, FBLA advisor Kurt Garner and de Vente had to meet and plan with the Third Street Academy principal, Beth Hinson.  

     “I started talking with Beth Hinson about a potential partnership in November and started planning for our first workshop in early December,” de Vente said.

     These workshops included a group of FBLA members meeting at 

Photos contributed by Noelle de Vente

the school to give an interactive presentation on public speaking etiquette. The elementary students learned about the importance of preparation, practice, posture, eye contact, speaking clearly and being confident when giving a presentation. These workshops took place at the school with proper COVID-19 precautions. 

     When first coming up with the idea to do a mentorship at the school, de Vente was thinking about completing only three workshops for her project. After witnessing the growth that occurred during the first workshop, it became much more to her.

     “These workshops provide students, who may not have a stable home life or good role models, high achieving high school students to look up to,” de Vente said. “They are able to see that there is a future for them and there's a way out of what seems like a non stopping cycle of generational poverty.”

     Third Street is a private school for grades Pre-K through 5th, that works to educate while also developing character, a spiritual formation, and high academic standards. 

     “FBLA’s goal is to prepare the next generation of leaders, [and] what better way to do this than at the elementary school level,” Garner said. “Many of these students will come to Rose and I hope they will join FBLA to continue learning about leadership, professionalism and public speaking.”

      Although there were challenges that the club faced when having to teach a group of elementary students, they were able to teach them while also keeping them engaged and interested.

     “Elementary school-aged kids are a whole different audience, so we had to make it fun, engaging and lots of movement,” Garner said. “My nephew who is eight was a great resource; he helped...during one of our planning zoom sessions to come up with a superhero theme to use for the second and third graders.”

      De Vente plans to continue the work that FBLA students are doing with the Third Street Academy by providing lessons to students a couple of times a month and picking a new business related topic to teach them. These mentorships will take place in the upcoming months in hopes of allowing these students to learn lifelong skills, and get familiar with the FBLA organization.

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