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September 27th, 2019

FBLA makes a mark on the state

SUN. | 04-24-22 | NEWS

     Rose Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) attended the North Carolina State Leadership Conference in Greensboro from Thurs., Mar. 24 to Sat., Mar. 26. This has been the first leadership conference for many members due to COVID-19. FBLA had 1,500 members from across North Carolina attend this conference. 

     “[The] State Leadership Conference is definitely the culminating event for a lot of our members,” FBLA advisor Kurt Garner said. “It’s a really good way to wrap up the FBLA competitive season.”

     Due to the conference being the first in-person one since COVID-19, many members did not know what to expect. However, both Garner and the FBLA officer team believed that the conference boosted both morale and

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participation going forward. 

     “I didn’t think [the conference] would be as fun as it was,” sophomore FBLA Support Squad member Carson Fraley said. “I think… people saw that it was still a lot of fun… and that you had time to do what you wanted;people will be more intrigued to keep participating in FBLA.” 

     Since this conference was the first one with an in-person option since the beginning of COVID-19, competitive events were both virtual and face-to-face. Members could choose between submitting their presentation or test before the conference, or presenting at the event. The conference also offered many opportunities for networking, such as workshops and open recognition tests ranging from social media to Zumba. Workshops were an opportunity for members to learn new skills that they can implement in their daily lives, and open recognition tests are a chance for the national FBLA office to gauge what competitive events they would like to offer next year. 

     “A lot of [members] came away with a new skill that is something that can definitely help them moving forward,” Garner said. “When you walk into one of Brena’s sessions on how to network with someone, that is something you can use when you meet someone new.” 

     Overall, Rose FBLA had 21 state champions, 55 national qualifiers, 14 second place winners, 16 third place winners, eight fourth place winners and 45 top ten finalists. The Rose FBLA chapter also won the award for the most distinguished chapter in the state: the Helen Ragan Chapter of the Year award.

     “The biggest thing they are going to take away if they go and compete is a sense of accomplishment,” Garner said. “Being able to go up in front of judges and present is challenging, but I think it's really easy to see how confidence is built when they go through that process, and I think that one of the best things is learning that you can have a voice.” 

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