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Fashion club brings style to Rose

SAT. | 11-27-21 | FEATURES

      Honor societies, AP classes, a state-winning baseball team, and a diverse body of students. These are just a few reasons why some students are so proud to attend Rose and why some choose to attend. The Greenville high school is also home to over 30 clubs and organizations, mostly student led, that allow for the Rose student body to partake in activities that they enjoy and express their creative outlet. 

     When Rose students look at the different clubs for students to join, they will most likely find that there are limited options for students to express themselves and their creativity. That’s why two sophomores decided to change this. Juliette Workman and Andrea Castillo are the founders of Fashion Club, a new organization for students to join and take part in. 

     The process of bringing a new club to Rose was a long, but rewarding one. Beginning in March of 2020 at the emergence of the COVID pandemic, Workman began brainstorming on what she wanted the new club to be about and how to execute these plans.

     “[COVID] was a time of self-reflection and kind of like a creative period where there was lots of self-discovery,” Workman said. 

     After communicating with administration and counselors, creating a mission statement and other foundational documents to support the club’s hopes, establishing CTE

Screen Shot 2021-11-27 at 5.36.38 PM.png

Photo by Brena Gauland

teacher Jordan Dodson as the advisor and the work of Workman and Castillo, the club has over 30 members within its first month of being established. This large interest for Fashion Club is one that took Castillo and Workman by surprise: a good surprise.

     “Juliette and I talked about it last year, and over the summer we planned it and put it together,” Castillo said. “I think that for a lot of teens, it was fashion and trends [that] were the new things that were happening. I think that at Rose, there needed to be a creative outlet for that; where [Fashion Club] can showcase that.”

     Co-founder Castillo’s love for fashion and attention to how there are few ways for students to show their love for polka dots and new trends are why she made it her mission to help Workman in the new endeavor.

     “I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up and I came [to Rose] where there wasn't anything to do [in] fashion life besides arts, so I thought that was a really nice [reason] to make the club about that,” Castillo said.

     Bringing Fashion Club to Rose has not only been a way for Workman and Castillo to express their creative outlets, but also exercise leadership skills, too. (quote about leadership)

The club’s founders have dedicated themselves to allowing students to showcase their creative talents in several ways, both online and in an in-person format.

    “We will be doing [online] seasonal shoots and magazine issues in a format website where we will write columns on certain things,” Workman said.

     In addition to seasonal shoots, Castillo and Workman also have discussed working with Rose’s new crocheting club to allow for members to experience and learn skills such as knitting and crocheting.   

If you are interested in joining Fashion Club, you may sign up via Refresh and direct any questions to Workman or Castillo.

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