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Familiar faces make a return in Marvel film 


     On Dec. 17, 2021, the newest Marvel movie was released, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and fans everywhere were ecstatic. The newest Spider-Man movie was positively reviewed by the public and I, myself, can’t help but agree. 

     The first scene of No Way Home can only really be understood after watching the second movie in the trilogy, Far From Home. It opens with a recording of Quentin Beck, aka Mysterio, on the news moments before his death, falsely accusing Spider-Man of murdering him and reveals his real identity, Peter Parker. When I saw this my jaw dropped, I can’t imagine the whole world knowing my secret identity. Repercussions follow this outing leading to Parker asking his Avenger pal, Dr. Strange, to perform a spell. Strange offers to do a spell that will allow everyone to forget he is Spider-Man, but when Parker interferes, the spell goes haywire and Dr. Strange ends it completely. 

     Later, while Parker is trying to save civilians on a bridge, he is met by Otto Octavius. Immediately, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Any long time Spider-Man fan, like myself, will recognize Octavius from Spider-Man 2, where he was the villain to Toby Maguire’s Spider-Man. This was such a good way to reintroduce Octavius to viewers, completely out of nowhere. After Parker wins their fight, Strange teleports them to his sanctum where he captured Dr. Curt Connors, also known as The Lizard, from The Amazing Spider-Man where he fought Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man.

     Strange then explains to Parker that these villains from different universes were summoned because of the botched

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spell done earlier in the movie. More villains begin to appear including Electro and Sandman, also both from previous Spider-Man’s. The most shocking to me is the Green Goblin, from the first Spider-Man. The Green Goblin, also known as Norman Osborn, happened to be the father of Harry Osborn, best friend of Maguire’s Parker, and is one of the most famous Spider-Man wins. As I stated previously, I have seen all of the previous Spider-Man movies so all of these character crossovers were too much to handle. 

     After all of the villains are captured by Spider-Man, Dr. Strange insists on sending them back to their own dimension, however, Parker takes a different stance and wants to turn them back into good people. I mean good for him for wanting to help people but this idea just sounds stupid since it could put the entire world in jeopardy. When Strange disagrees, Parker locks him into a portal and takes the device that can send the villains back to their universe.

     Parker and Osborn begin to concoct antidotes for each villain, they first give Dr. Otto his. He immediately thanks Parker for changing him and for getting rid of his villainous nature. It was honestly so sweet and I started to change my mind and want the villains to have the opportunity to become good again. However, soon after Otto is cured it is time for Osborn to heal himself and things do not go as planned. Osborn then switches to his alternate personality of the Green Goblin, this was a plot twist for everybody and I never saw it coming. Parker and the Goblin fight and this scene is the definition of action packed. Sadly, the Goblin kills Parker's Aunt May, but that didn’t deter Parker from his plans. 

     In the peak of Parker’s sadness, he is now joined by two new friends. When I saw these faces I could barely contain my excitement and in that moment realized that the $7.78 I paid for my movie ticket was completely worth it. It was both Maquire and Garfield’s Spider-Men. Peter-Two and Peter-Three, as they are called in the movie, were also summoned by the spell from before. The three Spider-Men make a plan to lure the villains to the Statue of Liberty so they can finally cure them. This was my favorite part of the movie, it was so cool to see all three Spider-Men I had grown up with working together. The Green Goblin is the last to be fixed and ultimately they succeed. At this point it felt like a weight had been lifted off my chest.

     Dr. Strange is brought back from the portal and Peter-One requests Strange to do a spell so that his existence is erased from everyone’s mind. This was so frustrating to me after they had just come out victorious. Strange does the spell and my heart aches for Parker at this moment, having no friends to remember him. Although this is how the movie ends, I just know that Parker will come back in the next Spider-Man film and change things back to the way they are supposed to be. I usually don’t like surprises, but weirdly, all the plot twists and surprise characters were what made the movie so great. Overall, the movie itself gives a hopeful look into every character's development because it proved that even villains could be better, and I for one, loved it. 

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