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September 27th, 2019

Exam schedule improves break

FRI. | 12-11-20 | OPINION

     As the end of the semester gets closer, so does winter break. A time to kick back, decorate the house, watch some Tim Burton Christmas movies and wrap presents. As students, we don’t have to worry about school for a few weeks, and we get to enjoy some time at home. In previous years, however, students and teachers had one more thing they had to prepare for before going back to school — exams. 

     I can guarantee that most students don’t want to study on break. Before, I would end up cramming in some last-minute study time, and when we got back to school to review, I was more than confused about what my teachers were talking about. 

     I think the hardest class to catch up on was math, especially if you haven’t studied for the entire break. This is because math is a class where you have to pay attention to all of it, otherwise you’ll get confused. I think this class should continue on without pauses

Liv - Exams before Xmas graphic.jpg

Photo by Liv Stewart

until review week, and then we can be prepared for the exams.

     Luckily this year, Pitt County Schools has decided to change their schedule and put an exam week before Christmas break. I have been waiting for this since middle school. It has always been awkward for me when we would have exams in January. I was never fully prepared because I would always slack off.

     Now, students can keep the flow of knowledge going, and they don’t have to pause because of break. After Christmas break, students can then begin their spring classes. This is perfect and efficient because it’s an even schedule 一 we have fall classes in 2020 and then spring classes in 2021 instead of continuing the fall classes in 2021. Once we finish exams, we can begin to think about next semester’s classes and try to prepare for them instead of stressing over exams and not enjoying Christmas. Teachers can also benefit from this.

     They now have time to kick back instead of preparing themselves for exam week. Teachers can spend more time with their families, and if they wanted, they would have more time to plan for next semester. If we continued having exams after break, then teachers would have had to set up for review week, exam week and spring semester all at once. With earlier exams, they are able to be more prepared for spring semester and can get back on track with their work.

     Teachers are basically starting over, since some teach the same classes both semesters. They will be given a whole new batch of students to prepare for, and it gives them the opportunity to prepare their schedule.

     The changing of the exam schedule will be very beneficial this year. Teachers and students can enjoy their break and not even have to think about exam week. Teachers don’t have to worry about their students slacking off, and they don’t have to worry about catching some of them up. It’s easier for everyone in the end.

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