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September 27th, 2019

Clubs host Hispanic Heritage Month events

WED. | 11-8-23 | NEWS


     Some organizations at Rose recently celebrated National Hispanic Heritage Month, two being National Spanish Honor Society and Spanish club. The 30 days between Sept. 15, through Oct. 15 are a recognition of the Hispanic Americans.

     National Hispanic Heritage Month is an annual period to shine light on the Hispanic community, their accomplishments, cultures and legacies that have made an impact on the world today.   Both the National Spanish Honor Society and Spanish club celebrate throughout the month.

     “People with Hispanic heritage have done so many great thing’s and I feel they’re often overlooked,” Senior and president of National Spanish Honor Society Caroline Alexander said. 

     Alexander's job is to plan events, organize meetings and decide how many credit points activities are worth, such as students attending events or contributing to an event. In this role, Alexander makes it her goal for everyone to come together and celebrate Hispanic Americans.

     “I want to provide information on the culture and have fun,” Alexander said.

     Senior Andrea Castillo is president of Spanish club and secretary of National Spanish Honor Society. Castillo also takes part in events during National Hispanic Heritage Month. As secretary, Castillo’s job is to update the National Spanish Honor Society website and help send out messages for club dinners.



Photo by Rayleigh Hopkins

     Alexander's goal is to make this experience a safe learning place for everyone. For Alexander, inclusivity plays a big role in the Spanish Honor Society.     

     “I want to make it very inclusive for everybody who wants to learn Spanish or about the culture, people who don't speak English and don’t have a friendly, safe place to go,” Alexander said. 

     Being the president of the Spanish club, Castillo takes on similar jobs as Alexander.

     “I help organize everything, monthly dinners, field trips and we have this volunteer service project,” Castillo said. “It’s when women in South America make bracelets and we sell them here for their funding.”  

     During Hispanic Heritage Month, Alexander plans many events and partnerships with clubs to host with the Spanish Honor Society. Doing these events spreads awareness of Hispanic heritage, while intriguing others' interest to learn more about Hispanic American history. 

     This year, the Spanish Honor Society hosted the Fiesta Latina event.

     “We are doing something called a ‘Fiesta Latina’ this year, where we are going to host a monthly party with food, activities and dinners so other students can connect with each other,” Alexander said.

     Another activity Alexander hosted with the Spanish Honor Society was something called ‘Diversity Day.’ 

     “Diversity day is usually when we gain a lot of traction and where we have the most influence on people,” Alexander said.

     The Spanish club also ran a few of their own events to support Hispanic Heritage this month.

     “Our secretary wanted to show ‘Encanto’ which is a newer Colombian disney movie,” Castillo said.

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