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Emmie Brooks, News Co-Editor

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     Emmie Brooks began taking journalism as a sophomore at Rose, walking into the fourth period class she had no clue what to expect. Although, ever since that class she knew she had found a new interest for herself. Her first semester she was an entertainment/opinion writer, she quickly learned that was not her strongest section and switched to features second semester sophomore year. Coming into Junior year, she became a news co-editor and now as a senior is a features co-editor. Last October, she was also able to obtain an internship with the North State Journal and had an article published that won second place overall nationally. Journalism is the type of class that once she began, she never wanted to quit. When she is not writing a story or editing articles, she is in the dance studio. She has been dancing ever since she could walk and until she began journalism it was her favorite hobby. Brooks also enjoys playing the piano, painting, and baking. She has hopes that through this class she will gain skills working with graphic imagery and Photoshop. Brooks believes that being a student journalist not only opens doors for individuals, but also opens their eyes to real life stories and information that deserves to be heard throughout the community. Emmie has plans of attending East Carolina University for the Fall of 2021 and continuing her journalism focus there. 

November 3, 2020

Features Co-Editor Lilly Seymour interviewed Features Co-Editor Emmie Brooks while they walked around Greenville.

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