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"Elvis" gains popularity over the summer


     As the summer of 2022 ends, it's safe to say that many new movies released this summer will be talked about for years to come. I'm not one for taking time out of my day to go to the theater, but in this case, I couldn't help myself once the movie “Elvis” was released on June 24. 

     The drama stars Austin Butler, who plays the main character, Elvis, and actor Tom Hanks as Colonel Tom Parker. This movie dives deep into the personal life of Elvis and his family, along with his relationship with manager Tom Parker. The movie itself is lengthy, with an airtime of two hours and 39 minutes, but


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I believe that every detail is important. 

     The film brought tons of media attention across the globe. Its reviews are popular with 78% on rotten tomatoes and a box office of $284.1 million globally. “Elvis” reached second highest grossing musical biopic at worldwide box office just behind the 2018 film “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

     The movie plot is in chronological order of how Elvis rose to his fame and is told through the eyes of Colonel Tom. The film begins with Elvis’ childhood, going into depth about his family and how he was raised. His motivation to be famous from a young age led to the spark of his career once he hired Colonel Tom as his manager. The movie went behind the scenes of the scandalous tour life of Elvis, as well as the assumptions the country had of him being a reckless and unprofessional pop star leading to further mysteries and drama in the plot. I think the film flowed very well in order of events, keeping viewers interested and on track with the plot. 

     I personally find it interesting that this movie is told in the eyes of Colonel Tom. As I watched the film I saw that throughout the plot Colonel Tom's sabotage of Elvis, on his tour, record label and funding through the years of his fame, contributed to certain faults Elvis had during his singing career. Elvis’ personal lifestyle in the 50s and 60s, is greatly exemplified in the film and I admire the hard work of the actors and production team for the great work they achieved during filming. 

     The cast of this movie was incredible; I think every role fit perfectly with the actors. Butler went above and beyond to perfect his role, which is another reason “Elvis” was such a popular film this summer. Preparation for his role gained attention due to the rare fact that he started preparing months before filming. Butler took many karate lessons to adapt to Elvis’ common movements and many hours of voice coaching to nail the right tone and pitch of Elvis’ famous voice. 

     A huge part of the film would definitely be how Elvis’ addiction was portrayed. Throughout the movie, Elvis consistently struggles with addiction which lead to the separation from his wife, and many other broken relationships towards the end of his career. If the production team wanted to portray a raw image of how addiction contributed to a lot of Elvis' faults in the music industry, they did a great job presenting it on camera. 

     Overall, “Elvis” definitely lives up to the hype created by the media and its great reviews. I highly suggest watching “Elvis” which is now streaming on HBO Max. 

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