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Editors help with time management

MON. | 03-07-22 | OPINION

     As many teachers, friends and family members will often tell you in high school, having a balanced schedule is crucial to success. Unfortunately, what is often not said is how this balance can be accomplished. Though the path to balance and success is naturally different for everyone, your editors-in-chief are here to provide some general advice on how you can make the most of your high school experience while also maintaining a happy, healthy life.

     As can be expected in high school, academics almost always come first. It’s called “school” for a reason after all, and since you’ll be spending most of your teenage years here, it’s important to know how to create a balanced academic life. Our advice to you, dear reader, is to not take the easy road and challenge yourself, but don’t overdo it. Push yourself by taking some honors

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Graphic by William Becker

classes and the occasional AP, but make sure you don’t end up spending your nights and days laboring over assignment after assignment. It’s important to come out of high school with an academic record that shows your commitment to learning and challenging yourself, but don’t sacrifice some of the best years of your life for an extra GPA boost if you don’t need it.

     For those who participate in sports, finding a balance between academics, sports and a social life can be a big challenge. Trust me (Emma), with swim practice nine times a week, it is hard to find time to do anything else. Immediately after my 5 a.m. alarm goes off, I am hit with a wave of exhaustion, but after a few years of swimming, school and socialization, I have gotten the hang of it. It is going to seem cliché, but time management will be your best friend. Last year, I did not manage my time well and would get such a lack of sleep that I developed an eye twitch, so I promise you that getting enough sleep is worth it. Anytime you have any free time, do homework: advisory, lunch, even the last ten minutes of class when your teacher allows you to relax. Three math problems at the end of class is three less math problems you will have to do later. I learned the best way to get homework done quickly is to take advantage of the small time frames throughout the day that I would normally sit on my phone. Sports practice will always take up the same amount of time, but if you manage your schoolwork, then you will have time to socialize and hang out with friends.

     Outside of academics and sports, extracurricular opportunities are a great way to get involved in your school community. Thankfully, Rose has many clubs and student organizations, all of which present unique opportunities to meet a new group of students that you might not otherwise meet in your classes. They also allow you to explore passions and interests that may not have a corresponding class. In regards to extracurriculars, our advice is to join as many as you want to or can without being stretched too thin. We understand that there are too many at Rose to join at once, and deciding which not to join can be a difficult choice. It’s important to explore any interests you have, but it isn’t worth exhausting yourself to join every club you can. Select a few and enjoy the full extent of the opportunities they give you; it’ll be much more enjoyable than joining too many clubs and not feeling satisfied with any of them.

     Another key element of a balanced life is prioritizing yourself. Our previous points are all important, but none are more important than your own health, so please remember this: get enough sleep. If you aren’t getting enough sleep at night, not only are you more likely to struggle with depression and mental health issues, but you are also going to have more trouble learning, focusing, and remembering what you learn. It’s extremely difficult to enjoy and be successful in your classes, sports, and extracurricular activities if you’re sleep deprived, so please remember to sleep. Your mental health and future self will thank you.

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