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Editors can help you ace your AP exams

SUN. | 04-24-22 | OPINION

     With Advanced Placement (AP) exams coming up, students may be nervous about how they are going to prepare for and pass their exam(s). Do not worry — Emma and William have taken more than they would care to admit and have plenty of tips on how you can be successful in yours. These exams are marathons and preparation is key, so kick back, relax, and listen closely — we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

     Firstly, it’s important to address the fact that these exams are long and tedious; there’s no denying that. Sitting in a room and testing on a single subject in relative silence for three to four hours can be quite tiring mentally, so it’s important to prepare for that aspect of your exam in addition to studying the material. In our opinion, the best way to prepare for this is to

AP Exam Graphic.png

Graphic by William Becker

stage mock exams. Your AP teachers may plan these for you, but it’s also a good idea to do some on your own. That way, you can prepare, test yourself and review your progress on your own time.

     Find a time where you have several free hours maybe in the afternoon after school or on a weekend), download a previous year’s released exam in the subject you’re preparing for, set timers for the various sections of the exam, and give it a shot. Not only will this prepare you for taking such a long exam; it will also show you how to better budget your time on the exam and what areas of the material you could improve in.

     Secondly, you have to trust your teachers. In some classes I (Emma) have taken, I felt like the teacher was completely not preparing me, but trust me, they know what they are doing. Rose has a very high passing rate for AP exams, and teachers have training and know exactly what to teach you. Some AP teachers at Rose are so good at AP exams, they get asked to grade them over the summer. These teachers know exactly how to prepare you, as they have seen many AP tests and know precisely what to expect. Put some faith in your teachers, and if you are doing well in the review materials they give you, you are set for the exam. The review process may be stressful and you may feel that your teachers are overworking you, but trust us, they know the extent of what you need to know and they’ll make sure you know it.

     Thirdly, sleep. Sleeping is the best thing for any occasion ever. A good night's rest (ideally for multiple days) will help your brain be refreshed for your exam and it will help the knowledge from studying settle into your brain. Sleeping is also a break from the stress your exam may be causing you. I know it is something you have heard since you were born, but there is a reason for that. Sleep helps you study more effectively, be more attentive during your exam, better recall the information you studied, and ultimately pass.

     Keep in mind that everyone has a different way of preparing for exams. Some people study ceaselessly, some study a little bit every day, some make flashcards, and some don’t study at all. Success can come differently for everyone, so we certainly encourage you to study in a manner that works for you. These tips serve as more general advice that you can take into account as you begin preparing for your exams, as we know them to work fairly well. So without further ado, good luck, and may the AP odds be ever in your favor.

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