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Editors bring the best prank ideas

FRI. | 04-01-22 | OPINION

     For an ultimate prankster, April Fools’ Day has the potential to be as good as Christmas. Full of limitless opportunities for mischief and unscrupulous shenanigans, the day is just about the only day of the year where you can mercilessly prank your family and friends, while still maintaining the hope of forgiveness. In most cases, the goal of a good prank is to almost lose the friendship you have with the prank victim (but not enough to permanently damage it), and we will teach you exactly how to do that. Keep in mind that if you cherish good advice, you may want to stop reading now.

     The first prank idea we would like to submit for your consideration is a simple one: dye your dog. There is no greater shock your family could experience than

April Fools Day.png

Graphic by William Becker

waking up in the morning to find that their beloved white poodle is a brighter shade of pink than the Barbie section of Toys “R” Us. Even better: it’s relatively safe and inexpensive, with most non-toxic pet fur dyes running a mere $10-$20 at your local pet store. So, what better way to start off a lovely April Fools’ Day than surprising your family with a fun, cheap way to make little Princess the snazziest dog on the block?

     The next prank is one that can easily go too far but may be worth it, depending on the person. Not too much harm can come from releasing an insect into your house and waiting for your family members to let out horrified screeches. Sure, you could buy one of those fake cheap ones from the store, but you cannot cut corners when it comes to an iconic prank. All you have to do is make sure that stinker doesn’t find a friend to start a suburban lifestyle with in your house. We would personally recommend a tarantula, but if you want to go bigger (like a [non-venomous] snake), by all means. The aftermath of this prank might be a load of dirty underwear, but I personally think that is worth getting to see the faces of your family members.

     Our third prank idea is a very fun one, but it requires planning, well-executed coordination and possibly permission from the federal government since it may qualify as psychological warfare. In the days leading up to April Fools’ Day, keep an eye on your classes (as well as Selener), especially those with classmates who are open to teamwork. On the off chance that someone is absent in the days leading up to the fateful holiday, hatch a plan with your remaining classmates to all get up without a word at a certain signal on April Fools’ Day and leave the room. Just be sure that everyone remembers, and (most importantly) make sure the prank victim does not find out. Once you’ve made your plans, sit back (or walk out, technically) and watch the fireworks as your bewildered classmate watches their entire class leave without a word like the final scene in an alien abduction movie.

     Our best advice for you is to not go too far, but stay iconic (slay queen). Make your pranks memorable, but not so memorable that you end up on the front page of The Daily Reflector. Give your parents a scare, but not one so big that they send you to the grave or the emergency room. All in all, make your pranks fun for all involved. They may be a shocker at first, but make them silly enough that everyone (victim included) can have a good laugh over it afterwards. After all, it’s April Fools’ Day, so make sure it’s a day that everyone gets to fool around on, not just you.

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