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Editor expresses avid love for hygiene

TUE.| 4-11-23 | OPINION

     Being an avid shower lover, it comes as no surprise that I am a strong believer in personal hygiene. Having a set routine and understanding the importance of hygiene are two key factors in boosting self-esteem and confidence. Practicing personal hygiene not only keeps individuals clean, but also increases community health as a whole. Constantly being around people, we come in contact with a number of germs; showering and washing hands as frequently as possible will decrease the likelihood of getting sick.

     I believe that the three main practices that are vital to sufficient self-hygiene are brushing your teeth, showering and consistent hand washing. These are all practices that should begin at a younger age, creating a habit that should continue throughout one's life.

     The first of the three is brushing your teeth. Brushing twice a day, as recommended by dentists, is proven to be the best practice for dental hygiene. Brushing the plaque before 

hygeine graphic.jpg

Graphic by Jack Albritton

it is hardened makes the removal process much easier. Maintaining oral health and doing everything possible to avoid oral diseases is necessary to keep good hygiene and create a positive habit so that these practices continue throughout one’s life. Brushing twice a day gets rid of bacteria, reduces saliva, protects gums and improves overall health. Many diseases are directly related to poor dental health, it is important that we minimize these risks by brushing frequently.

     Now onto the next important hygiene practice, showering. I typically shower twice a day but it is recommended to shower at least once a day. I think that it is important to get rid of any germs that you have come in contact with throughout the day. Going to bed having an entire day's worth of germs and bacteria from school, work, sports, etc. is gross and decreases skin and body health. Showering not only removes germs from the skin, but it also removes dead skin cells and clears out pores, allowing skin cells to function to their full capacity. Sweating is the body’s way of removing toxins from the body and is an automatic cooling mechanism. While not everyone does intense sports that would cause lots of sweating, we all sweat to some extent, meaning there will always be germs living on our skin.

     The final practice that I believe is vital to a consistent clean lifestyle is constantly washing hands. Washing hands should be done frequently. Going to the bathroom and not washing your hands is disgusting. It decreases germs on us individually and as a community as a whole. Individuals who wash their hands constantly typically get sick less frequently. Engaging in consistent hand washing is a very valuable and necessary habit to create at a young age.

     Having good hygiene is very important and allows us to live a healthy and clean lifestyle.

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