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September 27th, 2019

Pitt County Schools holds annual EC prom

FRI. | 4-12-24 | NEWS

     Exceptional Children (EC) Prom was held on March 15, and has taken place every year since 2019.

     Rose’s EC Committee dedicates their time each year to help with the EC Prom. The EC Committee has been a part of Rose since 2005. Every Friday, 52 Rose students go and make crafts or read books with the EC students.

     This year, EC Prom was held at Covenant Church and gave EC students a chance to enjoy their own prom. The students could eat, dance and do karaoke. They were all paired up with dates, who had volunteered from all around the community, and accompanied them throughout the night.

     “You have to be 18 or older to volunteer to be a guide or a date, or if you're under that you can be like a paparazzi with signs cheering them on,” Student Government Association (SGA) Advisor Luisa Haynes said.


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      Many EC students at Rose attended the prom. They got to enjoy the prom experience and have a big event that is centered around them.

     “The last thing they do at the EC Prom is every participant gets a crown, all the guys are the prom kings and all the girls are the prom queens,” Haynes said. “That may sound like a little thing, but they are on top of the world.”

     Rose held a big role in the EC Prom, with many Rose students attending. SGA helped prepare the event and welcome the EC students.

     “Rose’s part is we make signs some years if they need us to and we do the prom closet,” Haynes said.

     The prom closet that Rose opens to the community is an opportunity to go and pick out a prom dress or a suit. They also help pair the right jewelry and the right shoes for their dresses or suits.

     “We open up our prom closet to the community and every year we have 50-60 people that come in, a lot of the group homes come in and we do the personal shopper thing,” Haynes said.

      EC Prom is something that Haynes hopes to continue and cherishes the impact it has on EC students at Rose and all around the community.

     “I just think we have a community that is very receptive and they’re very engaged with it,” Haynes said. 

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