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September 27th, 2019

EC program gobbles up fun Thanksgiving festivities 

MON. | 12-05-22 | NEWS

     Student Government Association (SGA) hosts an annual thanksgiving activity for exceptional Children at Rose. This usual tradition for Rose, originating in 2001, was put on hold because of COVID-19 but started up again this year. EC Thanksgiving is a way for the self-contained EC classrooms to socialize with their peers.

     “It is a great time for all of us to get together,” EC committee chair Emmy Brandenburg said. “We have a fun time and make amazing memories.” 

     EC Thanksgiving was held Friday, Nov. 18 in the media center. The event was filled with crafts, socializing and food.

     Chairs Emmy Brandenburg and Caroline Clark planned the event, along with the rest of the committee.

     “Emmie Brandenburg, our head chair, does the best job of planning all our EC events,” Clark said. “She plans the food and crafts we do.”

     The EC committee enjoys planning and hosting the event, including the behind-the-scenes work. 


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     It really is a group effort, more than one person is making the food,” Clark said. “Members sign up to make and bring in items but the ideas and prep work is done weeks in advance.”

     This event is a way for everyone to connect and spend time together and meet new people.

     “We have a lot of EC kids who live in group homes and don't get to have a Thanksgiving feast,” Brandenburg said.“We want to strive for every opportunity to have every experience possible.” 

     Although EC Thanksgiving is focused on interacting with students in exceptional classes, Clark believes it is important for everyone to get together, meet new people and enjoy each other's company. 

     “It is important to allow these kids the opportunity to talk and socialize with different people; they really love seeing their friends that are not in their same classes,” Clark said.  “It is so sweet to watch everyone get along and have so much fun.”

     Clark says she hopes to keep the tradition going for as long as possible.

     “Seeing everyone come together and seeing how happy the kids are, it creates good memories for everyone,” Brandenburg said.

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