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Difficulty of dance revealed

SAT. | 04-09-22 | SPORTS

     Many argue that dance is not a sport, but from past experience, I fully believe that it is. Some people believe that dance is not a sport because it is not always competitive and can be done individually. However, those who believe dance is a sport, like me, know that dancers have to practice every day and compete against others, which requires a lot of endurance.

     From ages three to 12, I was a dancer and loved every minute of it. The reason I quit was because of how time-consuming it was. After school Monday through Friday, I was at the studio until at least 9:00 practicing. People would always tell me they did not think dance was a sport and I would get frustrated because it's not as easy as it looks. Dance takes a lot of practice, endurance and skill just like any other sport. In dance, your muscles are working hard for a long period of time and building up


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stamina. Dancers have increased muscle strength, endurance and agility. It also requires practices, uniforms and specific equipment. Just like in any other sport, awards are given at competitions for those who do the best. Dancing in a competition is like a sports game because you are performing skills practiced to beat another team or individual. 

     Those who argue that dance is not a sport believe it is not cooperative, but that it is individual. They also believe that since dance is choreographed it is not considered a sport. Dance is a collaborative sport because you have to cooperate with your instructor and other people included in the dance. In duets, small group and large group dances, you are depending on others to perform the dance. Although dance is choreographed and planned out, so is any other sport. In games, plays are planned out to be used during specific circumstances. While performing, dancers form a connection with the audience by the way they move and how they present themselves. In games, players form a connection with spectators by how well they do and what they do to win. 

     Dancing requires athleticism, discipline and skill development. Dancing is not building strength for a single task like in a typical sport, but for the whole body. It improves coordination, endurance, flexibility and strength. Dancing  requires a lot of dedication because of the high amount of classes and the preparation for practice. In dance, when learning a new combination, it is hard because it has to be mastered. The discipline to keep going until perfection is reached is the common mentality of a dancer. Dance encourages people to test their limits in a positive way. There is always a new style or talent that can be learned and added to the combination, no matter how proficient you are. Dance is all about steady progress and combining old talents with new ones. Dancers are known to be high achievers, disciplined and focused.

     The definition of a sport according to Oxford Languages is “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment”. Therefore dance is a sport because it uses many muscles in your body and requires much endurance and skill. In dance, you also are competing against others as spectators watch for enjoyment. Although dance can be considered a piece of art, you have to be athletic and coordinated in order to do well at it. There is no reason for dance to not be considered a sport, because it is competitive, requires skill and intense training.

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