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Davis Harz, Staff Writer


     Davis Harz, a senior at JH Rose, is new to the journalism staff this semester.  This is his first journalism class, although Harz has always been successful when it comes to writing in all the English classes that he has taken throughout his time at Rose.  Davis’ interest in journalism came largely from teacher and peer influence. From being around staff writers, editors, and Mrs. Hutchinson enough, he wanted to try journalism for himself.  He is a senior here at JH Rose, and the majority of Harz’s time is spent either with friends or working on SGA projects. He is the current student body president at Rose, and has been an officer for three out of his four years here at JH Rose.  Davis Harz also plays baseball here at Rose, but his main hobbies include traveling to the beach for the majority of his free time, and spending time with close friends on the golf course.  As a student journalist, Harz looks forward to being able to give my perspective on different events, regardless of what section he ends up writing for. Davis’ goal for the semester is to either join/host a podcast, or do food reviews for restaurants growing in popularity in eastern North Carolina.

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