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September 27th, 2019

Curriculum Night broadens students’ scopes

TUES. | 03-01-22 | NEWS

     Class registration at Rose is well under way. This is a time of signing up for new classes and planning out a map of your high school career. Students trying to fulfill graduation requirements while at the same time planning for their future might need guidance or other help. Rose offered a Curriculum Night on Tuesday, Feb. 22 to help with this challenge.

     During Curriculum Night, new and current students had the opportunity to walk through the school and learn about Rose’s many different classes and opportunities. 

     “The purpose of Curriculum Night is to give students and families an opportunity to come

Curriculum Night.PNG

out and learn more about the various programs we have at J.H. Rose High School,” counselor Christa Monroe said. 

     Monroe has been a counselor at Rose for six years. She worked with other staff to schedule the night and plan out all the different activities of Curriculum Night.

     During Curriculum Night, students were able to circulate between classrooms to learn about different classes. There were also  breakout presentations regarding private school information and information about the AP program. 

     “[Curriculum Night was created] just for that purpose of making sure people are aware of what goes on at Rose and giving parents an opportunity to find out what course offerings we have within our different departments,” Monroe said. 

     Many different groups and activities were represented at Curriculum Night and many classes set up tables to show off their programs. There was an art showcase to show the talents of chorus, orchestra, band and other arts. Many different clubs and athletics also appeared. There were additional opportunities for incoming homeschoolers, students coming from private schools, students coming from charter schools and people interested in the AP classes to meet with counselors and learn about what Rose has to offer. 

     “[A] challenge has been to get current students to come to Curriculum Night,” Monroe said. “Though you are a student here, you don't know everything that is going on here.”

     Not only was Curriculum Night helpful for students in learning about Rose and making course selections; it was also helpful for the teachers at Rose.

     “[Curriculum Night] gives teachers an opportunity to see students outside of the classroom and meet parents,” Monroe said. “All of our teachers are proud of their program areas and want to make sure that everybody knows what we're doing and what we have to offer.”

     Curriculum Night benefited students by allowing them a time to come and try to figure out what classes they might be interested in taking. It also allowed students to take a look at all of the options available to them when going into the time of class registration. 

     “[Curriculum Night] just gives [students] a chance to ask teachers who teach these courses what it's about to see if it's something they want to do,” Monroe said. 

     Curriculum Night has always been a way for students to expand their understanding of what all is available to them at Rose and to ensure students and parents  are aware of every class, club and sport that is available to them during their time at Rose. 

     ”[Curriculum Night] broadens [students’] scope and opens their eyes to what Rose has to offer,” Monroe said. 

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