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CTE Student of the Month award highlights hardworking students

SAT. | 04-03-21 | NEWS

SAT. | 10-10-20 | NEWS

     The Career and Technical Education (CTE) Student of the Month award is given to one student each month who is acknowledged by their teachers for excelling in their CTE class(es). This award started being given out in November 2020 and has been given out each month since. The winners can be viewed on the 600 hall where there are posters of all of the monthly winners. Career Development Coordinator and Special Populations Coordinator, Fran Green created this award to inspire students to do their best in these classes.

     “The teachers nominate a student who they feel represents CTE well; this doesn't necessarily mean someone with really good grades,” Green said. “It's about someone that does all of their work in class, encourages others and just represents Career and Technical Education well.”

     Every student who is taking CTE classes through Rose has the opportunity to be awarded this title each month. On the fifth of each month teachers send in their nominations. In the nomination, each teacher gives a brief explanation to why they would like this student to win the award. Usually, in the following days, all of the teachers have a meeting and discuss who they think is most deserving of the award.

     Once the teachers have decided who will be receiving the award for that month, they print out a poster which is made by the graphic artist, Mr.Marrissio at Rose and a certificate with the students name on it and why the teachers thought that they should receive it. The student receives a certificate for their hard work and a gift card that is funded by Sheetz.

Photo taken by Edie Yount


      On the tenth to twelfth of the month the student finds out that they have won the monthly award.

     “It is a surprise to the students, we don’t tell them in advance what we're doing and we manage to get a picture of them to put on the poster,” Green said. “The parents will text me a picture of the kid so that I have a good representation of [them].”

     Students have had many different reactions to receiving the student of the month award.

     “We have had lots of head shaking and nods and even tears,” Green said. 

     Junior A’myah Dozier, 11th grader at JH Rose received this award in January of 2021. Her initial reaction to receiving this award was a little bit confused but excited. Dozier has taken health sciences classes that have gotten her involved with CTE. 

     “Ms. Green and Ms. Overby walked me down to the 600 hall and was like ‘surprise’,” Dozier said.

     Dozier had not heard of this award prior to that day but was very excited to hear that she had won.

     Teachers hope that this award will motivate students to do the best that they can in all of their CTE classes.

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