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     Finding a space to express yourself creatively and figure out what you like can be hard to obtain in all aspects of life. However, senior Ginny Blount has been able to achieve this throughout her five semesters in journalism. 

     “I think I've spent over two-thirds of my time in the journalism room since I've been here at Rose,” Blount said. “Working with this newspaper means so much to me and being able to see it printed out each cycle showing the hard work we've dedicated to the paper means a lot.”

     Although Blount did not take the class her freshman year, many of her peers took the class and inspired her to sign up.


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     “I heard that it was such a fun class and that you could be super creative, you could really do what you want with your writing," Blount said. “I really loved the environment, and I loved all of the collaborative aspects of journalism.” 

     As she built relationships with people in the class it also provided a space to express herself in the classroom.

     “I just love the opportunities that it gives you to show creativity and work with others,” Blount said. “In journalism, your grade is reflected by how much you contribute and your creativity.”

     Blount started in features her first semester but because of her ability to keep an open mind, she was able to make the transition over to entertainment and opinion her next year.

     “What I love about features is how I can tell someone else's story and still let them shine in the paper,” Blount said. “For entertainment and opinion, I'm allowed to voice my opinion and let others know what we think is important and what topics we want to talk about.”

     Being a part of two different sections has benefited Blount more than she expected. Throughout her time in Journalism, Blount worked her way up to being Editor in Chief, the highest accolade you can obtain in the class. 

     “As an editor in chief you have to read all the articles,” Blount said. “Being in two different sections and seeing the different writing styles has made it a lot easier for me to adjust to reading everyone's article and working with the quotes and different writing styles has helped me effectively edit it.”

     Journalism, which is primarily run by students, relies heavily on each individual to come together and play their role. The wide variety of jobs available in the class gives everyone the opportunity to be creative and contribute to the newspaper.

     “You're allowed to use your creativity to whatever is best fit,” Blount said. “You're always contributing to something in the class and anyone interested should definitely join.”

     Blount appreciates all that English teacher Ashley Hutchinson has done for her. The two have grown closer to each other throughout their time together at Rose. Hutchinson has been there to support Blount through it all.

     “I have seen Hutch probably every day at school for the past two and a half years, so she has had such an impact on me, not only in journalism,” Blount said. “She has been able to help me through more of the negative side of my writing in English class and encourage me through things.”

     As her days in journalism are coming to a close, before long, Blount will be stepping onto the campus of North Carolina State University where she will be continuing her academic career. She will be majoring in Exploratory Studies which means she is open to exploring different majors and will be spending the first semester in college learning more about the many options available to make sure she makes the right decision.

     The influence that many peers have had on her throughout journalism has helped her grow inside the classroom and also through her life outside of journalism.

     “My friend Anna Mclean has been the most influential because at times I would be too nervous to show other people my writing so I would ask her for tips and tricks and what to do and she would always help me, " Blount said. “Now she is also super helpful because I get to work with her every day.”

     Journalism has not only taught Blount creativity and writing skills, but it has also taught her an important life lesson.

     “Not everything in the paper is going to be perfect and I've just realized that it's not all going to be perfect and sometimes I just have to let that go,” Blount said. “Not feeling like I need to be in full control and letting other people make effective decisions is how life is going to be and I have developed a mindset where I can work with others but not have to manage everything that I feel like I need to.”

     Reflecting on her years in journalism, Blount is thankful for the time she has spent in this class and believes that Rampant Lines will continue to flourish for years to come.

     “I'm super sad to be leaving this environment and the great people I have worked with, but I know that the underclassmen and all the grades below me have learned a lot about writing and working together,” Blount said. “I feel they will be able to effectively run this newspaper and Rampant Lines will still be successful.”

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