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MON. | 11-14-22 | FEATURES

Features Staff Writer Ben Cathey highlights Roses’ new media coordinator, Olivia Mills, who plans to incorporate new programs while also supervising media assistants.


MON. | 11-7-22 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Ava Alger highlights seniors Daniel Akhnoukh, Brielle McGillicuddy, and Hannah Sprague for joining the  Brody School of Medicine (BSOM) Honors Medical Research program to help direct them in a career path.

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THURS. | 11-3-22 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Anna McLean Evans discusses a traumatizing experience for Rose junior Jordan Klugh after her car burst into flames, losing many valuables.


MON. | 10-31-22 | FEATURES

Features Staff Writer Lorian McGillicuddy highlights junior Olivia Perry and the simple actions she takes to spread kindness throughout Rose.


MON. | 10-31-22 | FEATURES

Features Staff Writer Ben Cathey highlights freshman Saul Santana's selflessness as he uses his bilingual ability to help his peers. 


MON. | 10-31-22 | FEATURES

Features Staff Writer Ives Howard highlights senior Amelia Sauls on how she strives to spread kindness throughout Rose and how she has positively impacted her peers.


SUN. | 10-16-22 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Kemorah Ullah discusses the constant support the health and PE department gives to Coach Lovett and how they have adjust to the changes involving their department.

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SUN. | 10-16-22 | FEATURES

Features Staff Writer Sarah Caviness reports the work that Rose student Peyton Sawyer has put towards digital art and discusses her time at the Savannah College of Art and Design.


WED. | 10-12-22 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor-in-Cheif Keller Fraley features Rose's newest assistant principal Cornelius Battle Jr. and highlights his change in career paths as well as what Battle does outside of Rose.


WED. | 10-12-22 | FEATURES

Features Co-Editor Anna Evans highlights the new Advanced Placement United States History (APUSH) teacher Grace Brooks and how she is blooming at Rose. 

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