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Bob Marley movie revives heartfelt story


     On Feb. 14, Paramount Pictures brought Bob Marley’s story back to life with “Bob Marley: One Love”.

     In the new movie, it shows the life of Jamaican singer and guitarist Bob Marley. This movie was one of the most heartfelt movies I have seen in my life and really showed what a person could do if they tried to create peace even through their own rough times.

     Bob Marley was an artist who was able to evolve a genre of music and make many types of people understand and enjoy it. During his music career, he fought for peace in his homeland country of Jamaica and was able to make rival leaders put away their differences with music.

     Spoiler warning, from this point on I will be discussing the plot of “Bob Marley: One Love”. If you think you may watch this movie you may want to skip over the next three paragraphs.

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     The movie starts off with Marley already being a big-name artist around the world and he was planning to have a concert of peace to help calm the violence that was going on in Jamaica at the time. Soon after there was an attempt on his life because of his music being socially reforming. During the attempted assassination, his wife Rita Marley was shot in the head but not killed. Even just from the beginning of this movie, I felt the pain that Marley had put on himself. He was trying to change his whole country with just his music and many people didn’t like that and Marley only blamed himself for it.

     After the attempt on Marley, he moved to England to have a safer space to write music. While he was there he realized that he wanted to make an album that was different from anything else, a laid-back reggae style that almost sounded funky. He names this album “Exodus”, this album blows up tremendously with Time Magazine naming it “the best album of the 20th century”. During this part of the movie it was amazing to see how the band was able to create a song just from improvisation, the band had played together for so long that everything just flowed naturally.

     The last part of the movie was Marley going on tour with his band and seeing how Marley realizes that he doesn’t want to play music for people because of money, but instead, he did it so that people in Jamaica and around the world could be at peace. To wrap up the movie, Marley discovers he has cancer that stemmed from his toe but he still goes through with his wish to play in Jamaica again. At the end he was able to return to Jamaica and play in front of his homeland supporters without fear of being attacked. This was the perfect ending because it showed that even when he wasn’t well he was still thinking of other people and was able to give them what they wanted and needed.

     This movie was definitely able to create the feeling that this was a good life but also there was underlying sadness. I would definitely recommend watching it as soon as possible because I believe this will be one of the better movies of the year. I ended up watching the movie by myself and I was able to get a better understanding of what was going on at a deeper level.

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