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Marley family music legacy continued


     When most people hear the name Marley they think of rhythms and the reggae style of music. Bob Marley inspired many people to make music and cultural unity. This inspiration has even fallen to his 27-year-old grandson, Joshua Marley, also known as YG Marley and 55-year-old son Ziggy Marley.

     YG Marley is new to the music industry, but has already amassed around six thousand views on YouTube from his first song. People are already starting to create a fan base around YG Marley because of how close the sound between the grandson and his grandfather is. 

      While Bob Marley is YG Marley's grandfather, he is not the only superstar family member. Lauryn Hill was a huge sensation in the nineties with hit songs like “If I Ruled the World” and “Doo-Wop”. She is rated as a top 50 singer by NPR and adds to YG Marley's famous family as that is his mother.

      Recently, the Bob Marley Movie was announced by Paramount Pictures and has created a lot of hype around YG Marley's new song “Praise Jah in the Moonlight”. In this song, he keeps the same reggae style as he talks about spirituality and love. This song is able to show his songwriting skills and ability to incorporate deep meaning in the lyrics.

     The song was released in December, but has already reached eight million plays on Spotify. In New Zealand's Billboard Chart it ended up in the No. 3 spot, showing how YG Marley's fan base is rapidly increasing.

     Although YG Marley is just starting his career as an artist, his uncle is an eight time Grammy winner. Ziggy Marley has come out with 16 albums and 164 total songs with “True to Myself” at 19 million views and recently had a tour in the summer of 2022 in Europe.

      Ziggy is a worldwide known artist, but is also seen as an activist for environmental sustainability, social justice and cannabis legalization. This fits with the messages he sings in his music and he enjoys letting the world know about these issues.

     Ziggy has even come out with children's books, many of which are about relationships between children and adults. My favorite one, “Little John Crow”, is about a child who goes on a journey while exploring his personality and finding his place in the world.

     Through the 90s all the way to 2024, the Marley family has created excitement for millions of people. With the recent birth of YG Marley’s music career, it doesn’t seem like the Marley publicity will be going away anytime soon.

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