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Conway overcomes injury

MON. | 05-09-22 | SPORTS

     On TV, sports fans can see soccer stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar Jr. taking a light scrape, and treating it as if they’d just broken their femur. But one local soccer player did the opposite with a major injury off the field.

     Conley junior Henry Conway has been playing soccer for about 15 years, with teams like his travel club, Pitt-Greenville Soccer Association (PGSA), and for his school team. It is no secret that Conway’s school and Rose have a longtime rivalry, 

henry conway

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but there are times when the two schools come together to support one another.

     “It makes it a lot more competitive, but I enjoy it too,” Conway said.

      Conway hopes to continue playing soccer and take his skills to the next level after his time at Conley.

     “I’d like to play in college, and we’ll see where it goes from there,” Conway said.

     Conway had a successful season, scoring 18 goals in 19 games for his school, but his playing time would come to a brief pause. On January 14th, Conway was involved in a bonfire accident, where a gas can was placed next to the flames, which led to a wave of fire shooting out at him and his girlfriend. Conway suffered 2nd degree burns on his hands and face. 

      “I got the fire off of me, I called 911, found my girlfriend, and made sure she was safe,” Conway said.

      Soon after, Conway was airlifted to a burn unit in Chapel Hill, where he was treated. After roughly three days, he was in good enough shape to go home.

      Conway certainly has not gone through this on his own.   

      “The support was amazing, it’s what got me through it,” Conway said.

      Conway proves to be getting better each day, making a speedier recovery than one might believe possible. PGSA and Rose coach Joey McAlduff, has coached Conway for the past four years and has known him since he was 12 years old.

      “His determination even before this accident is far more advanced than other players,” McAlduff said. 

      Despite all of this happening just within about three weeks, he was able to rejoin his team and return to the sport he loves. 

      “It was tiring at first. I went to a couple of practices, but in my first game, I believe I did pretty well,” Conway said.

      In his first game back, PGSA 03/04 played against North Carolina Football Club. Conway contributed 2 goals to a blowout 6-0 win. His goals both came within about 5 minutes.

      McAlduff has always been impressed with Conway’s attitude towards the game in any circumstance. 

      “He never quits no matter what the score or the situation he faces,” McAlduff said. 

       When he returned to practice, he was finally reunited with his teammates on the field, including Rose junior Keller Fraley.

       “He talked to coach and said he might go light, and [Henry] started torturing us like always,” Fraley said.

        Through all the hardships, Conway has found the best in the situation, through the support of the people around him.

        “[My biggest takeaway from all this is] to just stay strong, and the support will be there. That’s what friends and family are for,” Conway said. 

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