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Coastal Fog relocates and revamps store


     On Jan. 17, Coastal Fog opened it’s new location, 10 E 14th St, Greenville, NC. This was a rather short move from their previous location on the intersection of 4th and Evans St, but the move also came with a renovation and a space increase. The building they moved into was the old Habitat for Humanity. I had only gone into that building once before and it looks nothing like it does now. 

     This building is a gorgeous sight with a restaurant and shop. With the size increase of the shop and restaurant, more sitting space is provided and the service has continued to be consistent. I continue to go back because of the impeccable service and gorgeous environment.


Coastal Fog large view.HEIC

Photo by Anna Mclean Evans

     One thing that stood out to me about the interior was the wall full of positive affirmations.  Coastal Fog is a Christian-based company and this wall demonstrates the hopes, dreams and prayers of many. This prayer wall was inspiring to me since I am a Christian. It allowed me to feel comfortable in this environment and connect with others on an emotional level. Another decoration I loved was the large sailboat in the middle of the building, holding up unique crafts and paint. Its beauty took me by surprise.  

     Although they have made fantastic changes to the environment, you definitely shouldn’t overlook their sweet treats and food. Their menu is full of all types of breakfast and lunch items like the Market Quiche, a build-your-own salad and a Capri Flat. These are just a few of the food items, but they also have many house-made coffees, teas and other drinks. There is also a Coastal Fog website that allows you to order food and drinks online, which is convenient for people on the go.

     Coastal Fog has to be one of the best restaurant experiences I have ever had. Not only was the building beautiful to look at, but the food and service was amazing. The staff was so welcoming and the way the merchandise was displayed amazed me. The unique aspects of this store allow for entertainment after and before you eat, which includes the children’s play area that allows parents to have a quiet brunch date. I will definitely continue to be a consistent customer and try new menu items every time I go. It will always be my go-to for any bible study, studying for school or just spending time with my close friends. 

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