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ChatGPT types out new controversy for students

MON.| 3-20-23 | OPINION

     Since the 2020 school year and the COVID-19 pandemic, school has become much more online-oriented. This means that most classes at Rose have employed the use of assignments being completed and/or submitted online. It seems as if papers and essays have been impacted the most by this, with a lot of typed work instead of the old handwritten style.

     A problem arises with the increase in online work though, that being the potential use of internet resources and artificial intelligence (AI) to cheat by plagiarizing other people’s work. One resource that has recently risen in popularity is a program called ChatGPT. This program was recently launched in November of 2022 and is described as a chatbot. It uses AI generation to write essays without the
works of humans. All that the user has to do is enter the prompt that they would like to have an essay about and then just sit back and let the AI write it all for them. 

Chat GPT.png

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The bot can also follow guidelines, with the ability to provideevidence, citations and an accurate amount of words forthe required paper. While this technology is very impressive and I have been interested in seeing how muchartificial intelligence has developed recently, it is clear how problematic this chatbot can be.

     ChatGPT can very easily result in dishonest schoolwork, especially if teachers are unaware of this program. Students should not have easy access to something that can do their work for them. It makes them think that it is okay to cheat which results in them learning nothing and being unprepared for the future. This kind of program is scary to see, especially with the knowledge that this technology has nowhere to go but up. As of right now, the ChatGPT generated essays can be clearly recognized as AI generated, with their very specific, sometimes fake, details and robotic-sounding tone. However, who knows how soon its technology will advance to the point where it is nearly impossible to tell the fake essays from the real ones. This scares me and I’m sure it worries teachers around the world.

     I have already heard reports from teachers around Rose finding essays or parts of papers that were written by ChatGPT and I’m sure there are more that have slipped through the cracks and been graded without a second thought, giving students grades that they did not earn. Writing essays and papers isn’t always fun, but it really is something that prepares students for college and the future more than almost anything else in high school. Using an AI program to do the work for you without consequences is only going to cause harm later in life.

     ChatGPT and AI in general can be really dangerous when it gets incorporated into high schools. It can cause a lot of undeserved grades and can lead to students not learning anything about the classes they take. It can lead to poor preparation for the future and I encourage all students to stray away from this program and all teachers to keep an eye out for suspicious essays.

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