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The challenges of Campbell Seymour playing two sports

FRI. | 04-08-22 | SPORTS

     Rose junior Campbell Seymour is a multi-sport athlete who plays lacrosse and baseball in the same spring season. Seymour is a pitcher in baseball and an offensive midfielder in lacrosse.

     Seymour plays both sports because he really enjoys playing and does not want to give up one for the other. He has been playing baseball since he was six years old and lacrosse since he was seven years old.

     “My dad was my biggest influence because he used to play lacrosse with me when I was younger, so then it helped me grow as a better lacrosse player,” Seymour said.

     Manny Machado has been Seymour’s biggest inspiration to play baseball, because he used to play for the Baltimore Orioles and Seymour was born there, so he takes his style of play.

     “Last year I played lacrosse in the winter and

campbell seymour

Photo by Timothy Gates

played baseball in the spring because of COVID-19," Seymour said. "Now they are in the same season, and I alternate between games.” 

     Seymour has practices for baseball and lacrosse at the same time Monday through Thursday from 3:50 to around 5:30.

     Seymour usually practices with lacrosse on Mondays when there aren’t any games. He goes to baseball practice on the other days unless it’s a lacrosse game day. Sometimes Seymour even goes to baseball practice before lacrosse games if the games are home and at 7 p.m.

     “I do not get punished for missing any practices," Seymour said. "Both coaches know that I am playing baseball and lacrosse, so they don’t get mad or punish me.” 

     Seymour faces many difficulties playing lacrosse and baseball such as making sure he goes to all the practices and games. If he misses a practice or game, he needs to find out what he missed and how he can help the team in the future. Although challenges are faced such as trying to stay fresh for both sports and not over work himself, Seymour also gains personal benefits.

     Playing both sports doesn’t negatively affect Seymour and his academics, as the routine stays the same for him, no matter what sport he plays. He gets home at the same time because the practices start and end at the same time.

     Seymour benefits the Rose lacrosse team by assisting players to shoot. He also contributes to the Rose baseball team by pitching and playing the infield to not let base runners score.

     “It helps that I’ve already played a full season with both sports, and that I already know the plays and what I’m doing on the field, and also how the team works,” Seymour said.

     Seymour has always been playing baseball for most of his life, and he wants to continue playing it throughout the rest of high school. He does not focus on lacrosse as much as baseball and plays it to stay in shape and play with some of his friends.

     “I’d rather choose baseball over lacrosse because I’ve been more focused on baseball throughout my life, and I have always tried to get better in baseball, even though I don’t want to go to the next level with either sport,” Seymour said.

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