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Carson owns the course 

TUES.| 11-15-22 | SPORTS

     Carys Carson is a freshman at Rose who came in at the number one seed for the women’s golf team. Carson was able to be successful during the regular season, qualifying for regionals and then states. 

     “I was very excited [and] very surprised because I didn’t think I would go that far but really excited I got that title,” Carson said. 

      During the first day of states, Carson believes she could have done better after shooting a 105, but the second day of states she shot an 83, which is her new personal record. 

     “She had a tough round at states, but she came back and shot 83,82 which is a great score when you are playing a tough course in Pinehurst and there is no max on any of the holes,” women’s golf coach Liz Barbee said.

     Carson was something new to the


to the women’s golf team here at Rose since in past years the team hadn’t had much success. 

      “She was probably a little nervous that first match, still better than we had seen in the past, so promising,” Barbee said.

      Her first match she played in for Rose was one of her higher scores so she was able to show improvement as the season progressed. 

      “I warm up, go through my entire bag, and I’ll go play three to nine holes,” Carson said.

      As Carson grew more competitive in golf, she began to practice more. She practices at least once a week in the off-season and two to three times a week, depending on how many matches Rose has each week, during the fall. 

      Carson not only brought her golf skills to the team but other great characteristics that made her stand out. 

      “Carys is a great girl,” Barbee said, “very polite, always wanted to work, wanted to improve her golf game, so she is a pleasure to work with.  

      Carson brought a lot to the team and was a good influence on her fellow teammates. 

      “I think just her work ethic will make other girls want to work hard too,” Barbee said.

     Not only did Carson show much promise for the women’s golf team but the rest of the freshman players did too. They all showed up for practice and worked hard each time they were out there. 

      “We saw a lot of promise with our freshmen this year,” Barbee said.

       Carson believes her strongest skills right now are with her irons and putting. The next three seasons at Rose are plenty of time to perfect those as well as work on her other skills that aren’t as strong. 

     “I think she is really going to be able to compete at states in the future and I hope to see her get a little more consistent and keep those scores low,” Barbee said

    Carson was able to bring a lot to the Rose team this season and will continue to practice and grow as a player these next few seasons at Rose. 

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