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     Since the school year is coming to an end, senior Carson Fraley thanks Rose for creating memories that she will carry with her after she graduates.

      "I had pretty much already decided where I was going before I took journalism, but it definitely reinforced [that I wanted] to go into a marketing major, being able to tell a story," Fraley said.

     This spring semester is her first time being in journalism. She received encouragement to take the class from her brother and her journalism teacher Ashley Hutchison, whose classes she had taken previously. 

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“.    A lot of it was encouragement from Hutch and seeing how much other people enjoy it," Fraley said. " My brother was editor-in-chief, and I always wished I had room in my schedule to do that.”

     Her favorite part of being in journalism is how the class is more student-led. Journalism is a place that allows students to think creatively and be open-minded to every possibility.

      “We pick our articles, and we get to interview people,” Fraley said. ”Getting to have that leadership [is very important] even though I just started.”

      Fraley is a staff writer for the features section and is also in charge of the Rampant Lines website.

      While in journalism, Fraley has come to enjoy writing because she gets to tell people’s stories in a way others will find interesting. Everyone she interviewed so far she had already known beforehand.

     “I wrote an article about Chris, [it was] a personality profile," Fraley said. “Me and Chris are really good friends; it was really cool for me to be able to sit down and interview him [while] learning a lot of things that I didn't know about him," Fraley said.

     Journalism has taught Fraley that there is more going on in the school and not just around her.

     “It has opened my eyes… "When we sit down at the beginning of every issue and try to come up with features’ stories, I realize I don't always know everything that's going on [but] I know what's going on around me," Fraley said. 

     Fraley is going to miss the influence of her supporting teachers. They have guided her through the steps of high school.

     “I am really going to miss the teachers that I've built relationships with at Rose, like Mrs. Hutch, Mr. Garner and Ms. Berry," Fraley said. “They have all helped me in different aspects, either as a teacher, a coach or as an advisor.” 

      Fraley expresses her feelings towards leaving Rose as bittersweet. She is excited about starting over in a new place but worried if her passions will be filled or turned into memories. She is attending North Carolina State University and majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing.

     “I do spend so much time at Rose; I'm excited about going somewhere new and starting fresh,“ Fraley said. “I am anxious to see if I am going to be able to find things that are equally as exciting and important to me as the things I have been doing the past four years.”

     Fraley recommends taking journalism because it is one of the many ways to be involved and a way to be aware of what is happening not only in Rose but also in Pitt County. She advises underclassmen to start as early as possible.

     “Being in journalism, you're able to learn more about clubs, teams or events that are going on that you're not necessarily a part of," Fraley said. “I would say to start early, I'm glad that I took it, but beginning this semester made me realize I [should] have started this earlier.”

     Taking journalism is a chance to make your voice be heard and your actions be recognized. The little push that Fraley receives is from knowing that there are underclassmen watching what she does and she can influence them to write better.  

     “Being in class with freshmen up to seniors and a class that's fully collaborative has been really impactful," Fraley said. “Getting to work or write an article as a senior with freshman is not something you get to do in any other class.”

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