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Issue 1

September 27th, 2019

Students explore career opportunities

MON. | 3-18-24 | NEWS

     This year, the first Career Exploration Week was led by career development coordinator Cindy Bell where throughout the week of Feb. 26 to March 1 several classes signed up for and began using Major Clarity to help their students learn about future careers. 

     Major Clarity is a tool accessible in Clever used to survey the personalities and learning styles of students, pairing them with a suitable career in the process. This site lets students see what options may be good for them. 

     “We want students to have the opportunity to explore actual careers that they are interested in and sometimes you don’t know what or where to even begin,” Bell said. “By using Major Clarity, and doing a career exploration week, we’re focusing on students taking a personality assessment and learning style assessment to help narrow down things that students may be interested in.”


Photo by Webb Evans

     Major Clarity is a helpful tool for teachers, counselors and students. Students can take classes that will help them get a career they want in the future and counselors can help them decide what classes would help them reach their goals. 

     "What Major Clarity does, is it allows counselors and teachers and students to work together” Bell said. “It…unifies all those things together so that everyone can focus on what [students] need to take the classes in high school that can help you in your future career.” Bell said.

     Every day during Career Exploration Week, students were assigned by their teachers to use different parts of Major Clarity.

     Throughout Career Exploration Week students were assigned to log into Major Clarity and take a personality and learning styles assessment to see what jobs may be sutiable for them in the future. The students were also assigned to learn more about the jobs they were best suited for through Major Clarity by looking at the provided videos and reading material.

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